Rádio Renascença

Rádio Renascença

Rádio Renascença, also known as 'RR' or just 'Renascença', is a private, commercial, Portuguese radio station owned by various organizations within the Portuguese Catholic Church, such as Patriarcado de Lisboa. It was founded in 1934 and started broadcasting in 1936. It owns another three stations: RFM - the most listened radio in the country, Mega FM and the regional "Vozes" (Voz de Lisboa, Voz do Porto...).

Radio Renascença's most powerful transmitter is situated near Muge at 39.119939N 8.711472W, which works on 594 kHz with a power of 100 kW. It uses as antenna a 259 meters tall guyed mast radiator, which is the tallest structure of Portugal.

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