Swedish Standards Institute

Swedish Standards Institute

SIS, Swedish Standards Institute, is an independent organization, founded in 1922, with members from the private and public sector.


SIS and its members develop standards within different domains, including construction, safety, healthcare, consumer products, management systems, engineering, environmental issues and safety. SIS participates in the European and global network which develops international standards. SIS is a member of the European cooperative effort CEN as well as the global ISO. SIS was founded in 1922.

Earlier on, the SIS logotype was often used for indicating that a tool was compliant with Swedish standards, but lately this has been replaced with the CE mark.

The OOXML affair

Shortly after an SIS vote in August 2007, organized to decide what format Sweden would vote for in an upcoming ISO vote, many newspapers published information about companies being able to buy the right to vote by paying some SEK 20 000 (equiv. to EUR 2 100 or USD 2 500), a rule which was used by a considerable number of Microsoft partners in the last few days before the vote, deciding the vote in OOXML's favour. [http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/08/28/1237255 " Microsoft Bought Sweden's ISO Vote on OOXML?"] , article in Slashdot August 28, 2007 (page visited August 29, 2007)] [http://www.dn.se/DNet/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=147&a=686119 "Microsofts affärspartners köpte Sveriges röst"] , article in Dagens Nyheter August 28, 2007 (page visited August 29, 2007)]

A few days later, SIS invalidated the voting (this, according to a press release, not due to the Microsoft involvement but due to some participants voting twice) and has declared that a legitimate vote session cannot be held before the second of September 2007, which is when the global voting is finished. [http://www.sis.se/pdf/OOXML0830_Final.pdf "Office Open XML - SIS ogiltigförklarar omröstningen"] , PDF officially released from SIS August 30, 2007 (document retrieved on first of September)] Sweden will thus "not" partake in the global voting on ISO standardization of OOXML.


ee also

* The global standards organization ISO
* The Europeanstandards organization CEN
* Svenska Elektriska Kommissionen
* TNC, Terminologicentrum

External links

* [http://www.sis.se SIS]
* [http://www.svenskstandard.se SSR]
* [http://www.cen.eu CEN]
* [http://www.iso.org ISO]

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