Drin River

Drin River

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other_name = Drini
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image_caption = Artificial "Lake Koman" filling up the canyons of the Drin in Northern Albania.
country = Albania
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source = confluence of White Drin and Black Drin
source_location =Kukës | source_region = | source_country =
source_elevation =
source_lat_d = 42| source_lat_m = 04| source_lat_s = | source_lat_NS = N
source_long_d =20 | source_long_m =25 | source_long_s = | source_long_EW =E
source1 =
source1_location = | source1_region = | source1_country =
source1_elevation =
source1_lat_d = | source1_lat_m = | source1_lat_s = | source1_lat_NS =
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source_confluence_long_d = | source_confluence_long_m = | source_confluence_long_s = | source_confluence_long_EW =
mouth = Adriatic Sea
mouth_location = | mouth_region = | mouth_country =
mouth_elevation =
mouth_lat_d = 41| mouth_lat_m =38 | mouth_lat_s = | mouth_lat_NS =N
mouth_long_d = 19| mouth_long_m = 34| mouth_long_s = | mouth_long_EW =E
length = 160
width =
depth =
volume =
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The Drini (Дрим, Drim on Macedonian, Dhrinos, Δρινος in Greek and Ancient greek) is the longest river in Albania with a total length of 160 km. It has two confluences, one into the Adriatic Sea, the other one into the Bojana River ("Buna" in Albanian).


The Drin starts at the confluence of its two headwaters, the Black Drin and White Drin, in the city of Kukës in the Trektan area of eastern Albania. Measured from there until its end at the Adriatic sea, the Drin is 160 km long. However, measured from the source of White Drin, its length is 335 km, making it the longest river that runs through Albania. The Black Drin ("Crn Drim" in Macedonian, "Drini i Zi" in Albanian) originates from the Lake Ohrid and runs through the Republic of Macedonia and Albania. The White Drin ("Drini i Bardhë" in Albanian) originates from the Radavc mountain, north of the town of Peć, Kosovo, and runs from there through to Albania.


From Kukës, the Drin flows through northern Albania, first flowing through the Has area to the north, passing through the towns of Spas, Msi and Fierzë, and then, upon reaching the Dukagjini area, it descends to the south, flowing through Apripë e Gurit, Toplanë, Dushman, Koman, Vjerdhë and Pale Lalej. At Vau i Dejës, it enters the low Shkodra Field and splits into two arms. One empties into the Bay of Drin (Albanian: "Pellg i Drinit") into the Adriatic Sea southwest of the city of Lezhë (The Mouth of Drin, Albanian: "Gryk'e Drinit"). The other empties into the Bojana River near Rozafa. Even though being a shorter branch by 15 km, the section that reaches the Bojana is called Great Drin ("Drini i Madh" in Albanian), because it brings much more water than the longer branch which reaches the sea. The Great Drin also once reached the sea but a major flood in 1858 cut it short from the sea, and breached through to the Bojana. The Great Drin is very wide and brings a huge amount of water (320 m³/s), but being short, some maps indicate it as a lake. After Vau i Dejës, the longer branch continues to the south, passing through Bushat, Mabë, Gajdër, Lezhë and Medes. South of Lezha it enters the low and flooded littoral area and flowing through the marshes it finally reaches the Adriatic.


The Drin is extremely important for the Albanian economy, especially for its electricity production. Three dams are built over its cascades producing most of Albania's electricity. The artificial Lake Fierza (Albanian: "Liqeni i Fierzës") created by the dam at Fierzë is the largest artificial lake in Albania with its surface of 73 km². The second largest lake is also built on this river. Lake Vau i Dejës ("Liqeni i Vau te Dejës" in Albanian) has an area of 25 km². Construction of Fierza power station caused some controversy in the 1980s. Without reaching any agreement, the Albanian government ordered the reservoir to be filled with water, which in the end flooded some border areas of Kosovo, then part of Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav government protested, but no solution was agreed on. Thus, today, Lake Fierza is shared by Albania and Kosovo.


The Drin and its surrounding mountainous areas have a great variety of flora and fauna. Recently many fish species have been introduced such as the zander of northern Europe which is a predator of the native fish population.


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