EN postcode area

EN postcode area

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source=Statistics as at October 2006 [National Statistics, " [http://www.statistics.gov.uk/geography/downloads/NSPDVersionNotes.pdf Postcode Directory Version Notes] ", (2006)] |
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The EN postcode area, also known as the Enfield postcode area [Royal Mail, "Address Management Guide", (2004)] , is a group of 11 postal districts in north Greater London which are subdivisions of seven post towns.

Mail posted in this area is sorted in Watford (Ascot Road WD18) and delivered from offices in Enfield (Southbury Road EN1), Barnet (Longmore Avenue EN5), Potters Bar (Darkes Lane EN6), Waltham Cross (Eleanor Cross Road EN8), and Hoddesdon (Conduit Lane EN11). The area served includes part of the London Borough of Enfield and the London Borough of Barnet. Part of the Hertfordshire boroughs and districts of Broxbourne, Hertsmere and Welwyn Hatfield and the Epping Forest district of Essex are also covered by this postcode area.


The approximate coverage of the postal districts:

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*List of postcode areas in the United Kingdom

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* [http://internt.nhm.ac.uk/eb/pcarea.dsml?region=london&area=EN Map of districts in EN postcode area]

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