Young English Democrats

Young English Democrats

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The "Young English Democrats" (YED) is the Nationalist youth organisation of England, founded in 2007. The Young English Democrats are affiliated with the English Democrats Party.


According to the Declaration of Principles, the Young English Democrats are an English Nationalist youth organisation. The main objective of the Young English Democrats is to educate the English youth about the unfairness of devolution of the UK against England. The main values of the Young English Democrats are democracy, equality and Freedom.


* The Young English Democrats fully support the English Democrats Party in their official policies. The YED agree that Devolution has taken a turn for the worst for the entire United Kingdom and has unstabilised the constitution, possibly forever.
* The Young English Democrats are in favor of promoting English Values and English individuality as the Scottish National Party has for th Scottish people in Scotland.
* The Young English Democrats and English Democrats Party are strong defenders of civil liberties and REAL democracy. They continue to support debates on sensitive areas such as euthanasia, drugs, abortion. A drugs policy for the YED as an independent from the EDP will be published in due course on the policy page.
* The Young English Democrats oppose terrorism and support active debates in the form of referendum on terror legislation.
* The Young English Democrats are in favour of more investments in renewable energy sources and they also support the Kyoto Protocol. The YED is not opposed to nuclear energy, as it helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions, however, they do support research into energy sources such as Hydrogen, Geothermal and Wind Power etc.
* The Young English Democrats along with the English Democrats Party reject the Government's wants to further European integration towards a Federal European nation. The Young English Democrats wish to see less European cooperation on all levels, however,they wish to keep England/the UK in the European trading community as to benefit from the pros of trade in the EU.


Within the Young English Democrats power lies with the members not the English Democrats Party. The "National Young English Democrats Committee" is the main management body of the Young English Democrats and contact is so far solely restricted to a secure forum. The N.YED.C members are elected individually by the Leader but only on agreement of the members who CAN suggest others to take the post. YED policy is altered via amendments set out by members and the leadership of the YED (To see if the policies are acceptable for affiliation/co-political organisations). All members have equal say through a to-be-set system, which will be decided via the members in due course.

National YED Committee

The management of the Young English Democrats is in the hands of the National YED Committee, the leaders of which are not fully set. The posts will be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Policy Officer, Contact Officer, Promotions Officer and EDP Co-Operative officer.

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