Self-propelled barge T-36

Self-propelled barge T-36

A self-propelled barge T-36 is a type of Soviet barge. Its waterline length is 17.3 m, width is 3.6 m, depth is 2 m, draft is 1.2 m. Tonnage is 100 tons, barge has two machines, speed is 9 knots. [ru icon [ ] ]

49-days long drift in the Pacific

On January 17 1960, the man-of-war's crew of four was preparing the barge for loading on the Kuril Islands, when they encountered heavy weather. The tackle was torn and the crew, junior sergeant Askhat Ziganshin ( _ru. Асхат Рахимзянович Зиганшин, _tt. Әсхәт Рәхимҗан улы Җиһаншин|Äsxät Räximcan ulı Cihanşin), and crewmen Filipp Poplavsky ( _ru. Филипп Григорьевич Поплавский), Anatoly Kryuchkovsky ( _ru. Анатолий Фёдорович Крючковский), and Ivan Fedotov ( _ru. Иван Ефимович Федотов), drifted for 49 days until the U.S. aircraft carrier "Kearsarge" picked up them on 7 March in stormy waters 1,200 miles off Wake Island.

There was not enough food on the barge: one loaf of bread and a bucket of potatoes, sodden in black oil. As they drifted in the area, where the Soviet missiles were tested and navigation was forbidden, no ship found them until the Americans did. The crew also ate their leather belts, wristlets and finally boots to prolong their food reserves.

The drift of Askhat "Victor" Ziganshin's crew took a resonance in the worldwide press. Returning to the USSR, the crew had popularity close to the popularity of cosmonauts, and took a major role in Soviet pop-culture. [ru icon [ Смена: 14.06.06. Асхат Зиганшин: «Кожаные сапоги мне дарят до сих пор»] ]

49-days long drift in Soviet pop-culture

The name of Askhat Ziganshin was well known in the pop-culture of the Soviet Union in the 1960s as Askhat "Ate-His-Boot" Ziganshin. [ru icon [] ]

Childish rhyme:

Юрий Гагарин
Никита Хрущёв
А ты кто будешь таков?

"Yuri Gagarin
"Ziganshin the Tatar
"Nikita Khrushchev
"And who are you?"


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