List of Popeye the Sailor theatrical cartoons (Famous Studios)

List of Popeye the Sailor theatrical cartoons (Famous Studios)

This is a list of the 126 cartoons starring Popeye the Sailor and produced by Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios (known as Paramount Cartoon Studios after 1956). Credited directors for each short are listed.

"Popeye the Sailor" series

"Cartoons which now exist in the public domain in the United States are marked by an asterisk (*) in the list below."


(All cartoons in black and white)
*"You're a Sap, Mr. Jap" (Dan Gordon)
*"Alona on the Sarong Seas" (Isadore Sparber)
*"A Hull of a Mess" (Sparber)
*"Scrap The Japs" (Seymour Kneitel)
*"Me Musical Nephews" (Kneitel)*


(All cartoons in black and white unless noted)
*"Spinach Fer Britain" (Sparber)
*"Seein' Red, White 'N' Blue" (Gordon)
*"Too Weak to Work" (Sparber)
*"A Jolly Good Furlough" (Gordon)
*"Ration Fer The Duration" (Kneitel)
*"The Hungry Goat" (Gordon)
*"Happy Birthdaze" (Gordon)
*"Wood-Peckin"' (Sparber)
*"Cartoons Ain't Human " (Kneitel)
*"Her Honor The Mare" (Sparber/in Technicolor)
*"The Marry-Go-Round" (Kneitel/in Technicolor)


(All subsequent cartoons in Technicolor unless otherwise noted)
*"We're on Our Way To Rio" (Sparber)
*"The Anvil Chorus Girl" (Sparber) [color remake of Fleischer short "Shoein' Hosses"]
*"Spinach Packin' Popeye" (Sparber) [compilation film ("cheater") featuring Fleischer "Popeye Color Specials"]
*"Puppet Love" (Kneitel)
*"Pitchin' Woo at the Zoo" (Sparber)
*"Moving Aweigh" (Gordon - no director credit on film)
*"She-Sick Sailors" (Kneitel)


*"Pop-Pie a La Mode" (Sparber)
*"Tops in the Big Top" (Sparber)
*"Shape Ahoy" (Sparber)
*"For Better Or Nurse" (Sparber) [color remake of Fleischer short "Hospiktaliky"]
*"Mess Production" (Kneitel)


*"House Tricks?" (Kneitel) [color remake of Fleischer short "House Builder Uppers"]
*"Service With a Guile" (Bill Tytla)
*"Klondike Casanova" (Sparber)
*"Peep in the Deep" (Kneitel, Cinecolor) [color remake of Fleischer short "Dizzy Divers"]
*"Rocket to Mars" (Tylta, Cinecolor) [contains footage from Famous "Noveltoon" "The Mild West"]
*"Rodeo Romeo" (Spaber, Cinecolor)
*"The Fistic Mystic" (Kneitel)
*"The Island Fling" (Tylta)


*"Abusement Park" (Sparber, Cinecolor)
*"I'll Be Skiing Ya" (Sparber)
*"The Royal Four-Flusher" (Kneitel)
*"Popeye and the Pirates" (Kneitel)
*"Wotta Knight" (Sparber)
*"Safari So Good" (Sparber)
*"All's Fair At The Fair" (Kneitel, Cinecolor)


*"Olive Oyl for President" (Sparber, Cinecolor) [color remake of the Fleischer cartoon "Betty Boop for President"]
*"Wigwam Whoopee" (Sparber, Polacolor)
*"Pre-Hysterical Man" (Kneitel, Polacolor)
*"Popeye Meets Hercules" (Tylta, Polacolor)
*"A Wolf in Sheik's Clothing" (Sparber, Polacolor)
*"Spinach vs Hamburgers" (Kneitel) [Compilation film ("cheater") featuring Famous cartoons]
*"Snow Place Like Home" (Kneitel, Polacolor)
*"Robin Hood-Winked" (Kneitel, Polacolor)
*"Symphony in Spinach" (Kneitel, Polacolor)


*"Popeye's Premiere " (no director's credit) [features footage from Fleischer short "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp"]
*"Lumberjack and Jill" (Kneitel, Polacolor)
*"Hot Air Aces " (Sparber, Polacolor)
*"A Balmy Swami" (Sparber)
*"Tar With A Star" (Tylta)
*"Silly Hillbilly" (Sparber)
*"Barking Dogs Don't Fite" (Sparber)
*"The Fly's Last Flight" (Kneitel)


*"How Green Is My Spinach" (Kneitel)
*"Gym Jam" (Kneitel) [color remake of Fleischer short "Vim, Vigor, and Vitaliky"]
*"Beach Peach" (Kneitel)
*"Jitterbug Jive" (Tylta)
*"Popeye Makes a Movie" (Kneitel) [features footage from Fleischer short "Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves"]
*"Baby Wants Spinach" (Kneitel)
*"Quick on the Vigor" (Kneitel)
*"Riot in Rhythm" (Kneitel) [color remake of "Me Musical Nephews"]
*"Farmer and the Belle" (Kneitel)


*"Vacation with Play" (Sparber)
*"Thrill of Fair" (Kneitel) [color remake of Fleischer short "Popeye the Sailor with Li'l Swee'Pea"]
*"Alpine For You" (Sparber) [color remake of Fleischer short "I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski"]
*"Double-Cross-Country Race" (Kneitel)
*"Pilgrim Popeye" (Sparber)
*"Let's Stalk Spinach" (Kneitel)
*"Punch And Judo" (Sparber)


*"Popeye's Pappy" (Kneitel)
*"Lunch with a Punch" (Sparber)
*"Swimmer Take All" (Kneitel)
*"Friend or Phony" (Sparber)
*"Tots of Fun" (Kneitel)
*"Popalong Popeye" (Kneitel)
*"Shuteye Popeye" (Sparber)*
*"Big Bad Sindbad" (Kneitel) [features footage from Fleischer short "Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor"] *


*"Ancient Fistory" (Kneitel)*
*"Child Sockology" (Sparber)
*"Popeye's Mirthday" (Kneitel)
*"Toreadorable" (Kneitel)
*"Baby Wants a Battle" (Kneitel)
*"Firemen's Brawl" (Sparber)
*"Popeye, The Ace of Space" (Kneitel, in 3-D)
*"Shaving Muggs" (Kneitel) [color remake of Fleischer short "A Clean Shaven Man"]


*"Floor Flusher" (Sparber)*
*"Popeye's 20th Anniversary" (Sparber) [compilation film featuring Famous cartoons] *
*"Taxi-Turvy " (Kneitel)*
*"Bride and Gloom" (Sparber)*
*"Greek Mirthology" (Kneitel)*
*"Fright To The Finish" (Kneitel)*
*"Private Eye Popeye" (Kneitel)*
*"Gopher Spinach" (Kneitel)*


*"Cookin' With Gags" (Sparber)*
*"Nurse To Meet Ya" (Sparber) [color remake of Fleischer short "I Like Babies and Infinks"]
*"Penny Antics" (Kneitel) [color remake of Fleischer short "Customers Wanted", compilation film featuring Famous cartoons]
*"Beaus Will Be Beaus" (Sparber)
*"Gift Of Gag" (Kneitel)
*"Car-azy Drivers" (Kneitel)
*"Mister and Mistletoe" (Sparber)
*"Cops is Tops" (Sparber)
*"A Job for a Gob" (Kneitel)


*"Hill-billing and Cooing" (Kneitel)
*"Popeye For President" (Kneitel)*
*"Out to Punch " (Kneitel)*
*"Assault And Flattery" (Sparber)*
*"Insect to Injury" (Dave Tendlar)*
*"Parlez Vous Woo" (Kneitel)*
*"I Don't Scare" (Sparber)*
*"A Haul in One" (Sparber) [color remake of Fleischer short "Let's Get Movin'] *


*"Nearlyweds " (Kneitel)*
*"The Crystal Brawl" (Kneitel) [compilation film featuring Famous cartoons] *
*"Patriotic Popeye" (Kneitel)*
*"Spree Lunch" (Kneitel)*
*"Spooky Swabs" (Sparber)*

Official DVD availability

Warner Home Video has retooled its release schedule so future theatrical Popeye releases will be two-disc sets. This has pushed back the scheduled release of the first set of Famous Studios Popeye cartoons to September 30, 2008 with "" which will feature the black-and-white cartoons. [] [] In the meantime, numerous unauthorized compilations of public domain Popeye cartoons are available on DVD.

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