Bishop of Mercia
Diocese Diocese of Mercia
Successor Ceollach
Consecration aft 655
Personal details
Denomination Catholic

Diuma (or Dwyna or Duma) was a medieval Bishop of Mercia.

Diuma was consecrated after 655 but his death date is unknown.[1] He was an Irishman, and one of the four priests that were introduced into the kingdom of Mercia in 653 by Peada of Mercia son of Penda king of Mercia. Peada had become a Christian when he married Alhflaed, daughter of Oswiu king of Northumbria. After Penda's death, Diuma was consecrated bishop by Finan bishop of Lindisfarne, but the exact boundaries of the bishopric are unclear.[2] Bede claims that he was bishop of the Middle Angles and the Mercians.[3]


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New diocese Bishop of Mercia
c. 656–c. 658
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