The surname "Naqvi" (spelled "Naghavi" if transliterated from Persian, or "Naqawi" if from Arabic) are the descendants of Islamic Prophet Muhammad through the lineage of Ali al-Hadi (Arabic: الإمام علي الهادي). Born Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali, he is considered the Tenth Imam of Shia ]]s.

"Syed" or "Sayyid" is an honorific title that is given to males accepted as descendants of Muhammad through his grandsons, Hasan ibn Ali and Husayn ibn Ali, who were the sons of his daughter Fatimah and son-in-law and Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib. Both Shias and Sunnis claim descent from Muhammad through his grandchildren.[citation needed]


History and origin

The descendants of Ali al-Naqi are primarily found in South Asia, Iran and Turkey.[citation needed] The earliest Naqvis migrated into Sindh and Uchch in southern Punjab of present-day Pakistan. Many Naqvis reside in the Sindh city of Karachi. Thus, the cities of Uchch close to Bahawalpur, and Bukkur next to Rohri were their earliest settlements.

Jalaluddin Bukhari and family

The primary progenitor was the "Suhurwardiyya" Sufi Saint and revered missionary, Hazrat Khwaja Syed Jalaluddin Bukhari Surkh-posh ("Red-clad"), who migrated from Bukhara (now in Uzbekistan) and settled in Uchch on the River Indus in the 12th century AD (c.1196-97CE). He spread Islam to Sindh and Southern Punjab and is responsible for conversion of Soomro and Samma tribes, among others, to Islam. His family was one of the most-revered and prominent Muslim families during the rule of the Turkish dynasties in India, including the Tughlaq Qabacha (Kipchak) and Mamluk dynasty of Delhi dynasties. His descendants are known as Naqvi al-Bukhari. The part of Uchch where this family settled is called "Uchch Bukharian" to this day. There are magnificent tombs of his descendants and disciples there. These include Hazrat Jahaniyan Jahangasht, Hazrat Rajan Qittal; Bibi Jawindi, and Channan Pir among others. Many of his disciples are buried in Bhanbore and Makli near Thatta.

Part of his family moved back to Turkistan, and there were inter-marriages with the Tatar Mongol ruling clan of Bukhara. It is said that he was married to Genghis Khan's daughter as well. A branch of the family moved subsequently to what is now Bursa in Turkey.

The clan is known as "Naghavi" in Iran, and there are considerable numbers of "Naghavi" Syeds living in Iran and elsewhere. In Jordan and Iraq, this surname is spelled "Naqavi".

Part of his family moved to Delhi and from there to Murshidabad in Bengal (India). One of his grandsons Shah Syed Asadullah Bukhari, also a revered sufi, settled at a place known as Ahsanganj famous as Tickthi or Tickthee, nearly 90 kilometres (60 mi) west from Patna, the capital of Bihar. The grave of Shah Bukhari is in Ahsanganj.

The majority of his descendants Naqvi al-Bukhari moved to Karachi in Pakistan, after the partition of India in 1947, and some still reside at Ahsanganj.

There are a few Naqvi families in Bijnor District who also trace their lineage to Jalaluddin Bukhari. One of the oldest localities, in Bijnor City, is called "Bukhara" for it was a Naqvi family who were the landlords of the area.

There are a few Naqvi families in Allahabad District who also trace their lineage to Bukhara Samarkand.

Allahabad, India

Clan of Ja'far-e-Tawwab: Originally hailing from Sabzevar, one of the early migrants amongst direct descendants of Ja'far-e-Tawab (son of Imam Ali Naqui) arrived and settled at Allahabad and made it their home. Amongst the earliest settlers was a noble known as Syed Haqqani, and the area inhabited by him and where his tomb now lies is known as Syed Sarawan, situated amidst the Grand Trunk Road and the Syed Sarawan Railway Station on Delhi-Howrah Railway route in Allahabad District. However, as per his wish, his offspring later shifted to the Trans-Ganga area of Allahabad and inhabited places which are named as Fatooha and Kahira. His descendents still live in Allahabad. Notable amongst his lineage are Abu Talib Naqvi, Indian Civil Services, and Congressman and lawyer Syed Ali Hasan Naqvi, and his son an eminent Lawyer Syed Mohammad Jafar Raza Naqvi.

Sadaat of Jais & Nasirabad

One of the earliest settlements of Naqvi's is reported from Jais & Nasirabad, Raibareli in North India. Naqvi Sadats migrated from SUBZWAR (IRAN) & arrived in Jais around 410 Hijri (around 1027 A.D.) and settled there. After some time adjacent Patakpur, 4 miles (6 km) from Jais, was also inhabited by Momineens and rechristened as "Naseerabad" after the name of Syed Naseerudin Jaisi.

Jais and Nasirabad are the earliest known Naqvi Sadats of India. Jais and Naseerabad are the native land of Khandan e Ijtihad, and multitude of very high ranking scholars have come from there. The 1st Mujtahid from India, Ayatullah il Uzma Sayyid Dildar Ali Naqvi Naseerabadi 'Gufraanmaab (ar)' was from here, and later his family came to be called "Khandan e Ijtihad" due to the heavy presence of high-ranking scholars. Some famous and well-known religious scholars from this lineage include: Syedul Ulema Ayatullah Syed Ali Naqi Naqvi 'Naqqan', Jannat Ma'ab Ayatullah Syed Mohammad Naqvi, Ayatullah Aqa Hasan Sb, Ayatullah Syed Kalbe Hussain Naqvi, Hujjatul Islam Syed Kalbe Abid Naqvi, Hujjatul Islam Syed Kalbe Jawwad Naqvi, Hujjatul Islam Syed Hasan Zafar Naqvi(based in Karachi), Allama Syed Razi Jafar, Allama Nasir Ijtehadi, Dr Kalbe Sadiq, Hujjatul Islam Syed Ali Mohammad Naqvi.

Notable people from Nasirabad

Raja of Naseerabad

Brave Raja Har Prashad, commissioneer of Khairabad division played pivotal role in the war of 1857. While returning back from Naipal on 31st Dec 1857, he was beheaded by Britishers in battle field near Khairabad.



  • Late Qasim Shabbir Naqvi "Nasirabadi" - Urdu poet
  • Khadim Shabbir Naqvi "Nasirabadi" - Urdu poet
  • S.M. Jafar - artist


Sadaat-e-Amorha Naqvis

Another well-known Naqvi (Syed) community in the Sub-Continent comes from Amroha, India and are the descendants of Saiyid Hussain Sharfuddin Shah Wilayat Naqvi (a true 9th direct decendent of Imam Ali Al-Naqi), who migrated from Wasit, Iraq to Multan and later settled in Amroha, India. His descendants are termed as Naqvi Amrohvis. A sizable population of Naqvis still resides in Amroha, while many migrated to Pakistan during the 1947 partition. A large population of Naqvi Amrohvis resides in Karachi,& Lahore Pakistan. They are also now found among the South Asian diaspora, with communities in North America. The Sadaat Amroha are an Urdu-speaking community, and rarely use dialects such as Khari boli.

Other Syed Naqvis

The Mahmood Maki clan spread throughout Pakistan and India with the passage of time. There were a few generations in Karachi Sindh, Multan, and Lahore, Pakistan. They can also be found in the Province of Punjab, India. Some of them also migrated to Delhi and Rajputana, India.

Among the other Naqvi clans who migrated to Sindh was Syed Mahmood Makki from Mashhad, Iran. His son Syed Sadar al Din also became a famous saint and is buried in Sakkhar, Sindh. His descendants are Naqvi al Bhakhri. Some of Naqvi al Bhakhri migrated to Taxila in province of Punjab, Pakistan from sindh.

Notable people with the surname Naqvi

Syed Talib Hussain Shah Naqvi Al-Bukhari Jaman Shah, scolar educated from Najaf Ashraf, Iraq Makhdoom Syed Mohammad Jafar uz Zaman Naqvi Al-Bukhari, great writer and poet Syed Farzand Hussain Naqvi, Scholar Pakistan Syed Ali Hussnain Naqvi, Banker Karachi Syed Mohammad Tauseef Hussnain Naqvi, Certified Chartered Accountant Dubai Syed Aqeel Hussnain Naqvi Dairah Din Panah, Pakistan

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syed shabbir hussain naqvi from jandyala in house laliyana the son of syed dildar hussain naqvi the son of syed aleem ullah shah naqvi most famus syed,s situated shrine in jandyala Amritsar

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