Historien om en fjälldal

Historien om en fjälldal

"Historien om en fjälldal" and "Historien om en fjelldal" in Norwegian (in Swedish: "The History about a Mountain Valley") is a well-regarded but poorly known trilogy, written in Swedish, by a Norwegian-Swedish fantasy author Margit Sandemo, who has become better known for her historical suspense novels.

"Historien om en fjälldal" (ISBN 9177106067) is a fictionalized series of books about her birth valley, Grunke in Fagernes in the province of Valdres, which is situated in Norway. They were published between 1992 and 1998


* "Örnens rike" ("Realm of the Eagle")
* "Korparnas dal" ("Valley of the Ravens")
* "Tranornas fristad" ("Centre of the Cranes")

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