Webster (surname)

Webster (surname)

Webster is a surname, and may refer to:

*Alasdair Webster (born 1934), Australian politician
*Andy Webster, Scottish football player, currently playing for Bristol City on loan from Rangers F.C
*Ben Webster, American jazz musician
*Daniel Webster, American statesman, member of the United States Senate from Massachusetts, and U.S. Secretary of State in the 19th century
*David Kenyon Webster, soldier of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
*Donovan Webster, American journalist
*Gary Webster, Actor
*Henry George Webster (Harry Webster), British automotive engineer
*Jean Webster, American writer
*John Webster, English Renaissance playwright
*John Webster (Governor of the Colony of Connecticut), former governor and lieutenant governor of the Colony of Connecticut and progenitor of Noah Webster
*John Bainbridge Webster, British Anglican systematic theologian
*John Clarence Webster, Canadian physician and historian
*John W. Webster (1793-1851), Harvard professor hanged for killing Dr. George Parkman
*Martell Webster, American professional basketball player
*Mike Webster, a center in the National Football League who played most of his career (1974-1990) for the Pittsburgh Steelers
*Nicholas Webster, 20th century American film and television director
*Noah Webster, American lexicographer
*Paul Francis Webster, American lyricist
*Richard Webster, 1st Viscount Alverstone (1842–1915), British barrister, politician and Judge
*Richard Webster (rugby), Welsh international rugby league and union player
*Richard Webster (author) (*1950), British author, biographer of Sigmund Freud
*Richard M. Webster (1922–1990), American politician from Missouri
*Robert Webster, Australian and American virologist
*Roger Webster, professional cornet player
*Wendy Turner Webster, presenter

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* Webber

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