Agron (king)

Agron (king)

Agron was the second king of Illyria, and the son of King Pleuratus. Agron's rule lasted from 250 to 230 BC. The Illyrians under Agron were at their height militarily, having the most powerful force, both by land and sea, relative to neighboring nations that they ever would have. His kingdom included much of Illyria proper, and the island of Pharos [The Illyrians by J. J. Wilkes,1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 115,"Pharos was subject to the Illyrian dynasty of Agron, albeit under the rule of the native Demetrius of Pharos"] . In 231 BC, Demetrius II, king of Macedon, pleaded to Agron for military aid against advancing Greek Aetolians. The Illyrian soldiers routed the Aetolians and returned home as victors. Agron, overjoyed with his success, drank so much wine that he died in 230 BC. His son, Pinnes, succeeded him and ruled "de jure" (though never "de facto") for thirteen years. His first wife and the mother of Pinnes was Queen Teuta.

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* [ Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, ed. by William Smith (1870), p. 82-83.]


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