Computer-aided scouting

Computer-aided scouting

Computer-Aided Scouting : - While human scouts are far more recognized throughout the history of sports. Computer-Aided Scouts are beginning to have success ratio that rival its human counterpart. The initial intent of computer aided scouting was to aide the human scout with information. The human scout and the researcher worked great together. However, when pioneers like Bill James began to analyze the data and apply mathematical principals and new non-conventional formulas to predict success and failures of a player or team. Essentially this created uncommon and uncomfortable grounds between the human scouts views and the computer analysis personnel.

The foundation of computer-aided scouting is statistical separation which is not to be influenced by media or personal opinion. Results ultimately should be sound enough to withstand challenges to the principals of mathematics, and sometimes even basic rules of physics. Ultimately any results released should reflect the nature of the players, the team, and the sport itself.

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Computer-aided Scouting began as a means for Scouts and Managers to log mass amounts of player and team information compiled from box scores, stat-sheets and personalized specific information pertaining to players and teams throughout the years. This information was interpreted through advanced Mathematical formulas created from extensive research studies of each sport. Once this information was derived team personnel begin to implement these results into the game. Many teams began to experience an undeniable scale of success and the background of their success began to leak to the mainstream media and other professional teams. Soon nearly every team in some way or the other uses computer-aided scouting to aide and gauge the performance and value of players and the teams the teams they are on or compete against.

Some advanced objectives of Computer-aided Scouting was to find a way that Professionals could use this information as an aid, but many scouts simply refuse to recognize its value and instead other front office personnel and coaches lean on the person doing the analysis and research to explain his/her findings. Most researchers try to find a foundational formula that directly correlates success and failure through repetition and professional knowledge.

MLB and thee NBA begin to employ these analysis and move them into prominent roles inside their teams as Scouts to even General Managers. The marriage between Computer-aided Scouting and human eye Scouting has been at odds for over a decade. Both ways of scouting have proven to be as viable and valuable as the other. The NCAA has adapted a rating system produced by Jeff Sagarin that uses computer-aided scouting to a science to better understand the strength and weaknesses of a team as a rating.

Computer-aided Scouting has adapted many unique mathematical formulas by taken into account an existing or potential players value to his team, his physical attributes, and even projected success/failures against a variety of situations and potential opponents. Many of the actual formulas can be found in many books and articles that are written by members are founders of Sabermetrics for baseball and APBR for basketball.

Computer-aided Scouting is now on the frontier of contract caps for all major sports in determining values of each player and the foreseeable effects of signing a player to a short or long term contract versus the team salary cap which all major sports must abide by.

Programs: Computer-aided Scouting is largely being used with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and from there it the information is transferred to a personal or team private database.


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