Zacharias (surname)

Zacharias (surname)

People with the surname Zacharias or its variant forms include:

Medieval era

*Bartolomeo Zaccaria (d. 1334), Margrave of Bodonitsa
*Benedetto I Zaccaria (c. 1235 – 1307), Lord of Phocea and Chios
*Benedetto II Zaccaria (d. 1314), known as Paleologo, Lord of Phocea and Chios
*Martino Zaccaria (d. 1345), Lord of Phocea and Chios
*Nicolaus Zacharie (c.1400-1466), Italian composer
*Abū Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakarīya al-Rāzi (also known as "Razi" and "Rhazes") (865-925 AD), Persian (Iranian) physician, philosopher and scholar

Early Modern era

*St. Anthony Maria Zaccaria (1502-1539), Italian priest
*Francesco Antonio Zaccaria (1714-1795), Italian theologian and historian

Modern times

*Nicola Zaccaria (born 1923), Greek opera singer
*Karl Eduard Zachariae (1812-1894), German jurist
*Christian Zacharias (born 1950), German pianist and conductor
*Emil Otto Zacharias (1846-1916), German biologist, popular scientific journalist
*Helmut Zacharias (1920-2002), German violinist
*Jerrold R. Zacharias (1905-1986), American scientist and engineer
*Ravi Zacharias (born 1946), Canadian-American author and Christian apologist
*Paul Zacharia (born 1945), Indian writer & activist
*Chris Zachary (1944-2003), American baseball player
*Pat Zachry (born 1952), American baseball player
*Tom Zachary (1896-1944), American baseball player
*Fareed Zakaria (born 1964), Indian journalist
*Hanadi Zakaria al-Hindi, first Saudi female commercial airline pilot
*Rafiq Zakaria (1920 — 2005), Indian politician and Islamic scholar
*Zulkarnain Zakaria (born 1974), Indonesian footballer

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