Military of Gabon

Military of Gabon
Military of Gabon
Flag of Gabon.svg
National flag of Gabon
Founded 1960
Service branches Army, Navy, Air Force, Presidential (Republican) Guard (charged with protecting the president and other senior officials), National Gendarmerie, National Police
Military age 20 years of age
Budget 70.8 million (FY01)(CIA)
Percent of GDP 2% (FY01)(CIA)
Foreign suppliers  France
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The African country of Gabon has a small, professional military of about 5,000 personnel, divided into army, navy, air force, gendarmerie, and national police. Gabonese forces are oriented to the defense of the country and have not been trained for an offensive role. A well-trained, well-equipped 1,800-member guard provides security for the president.



Major Units

  • 1 Republican Guard Battalion group - Libreville[citation needed] with:
    • 1 Light Armored Recon. Squad;
    • 3 Infantry Coys;
    • 1 Artillery Battery;
    • 1 Air Defense Battery.
  • 1 Airborne Regiment with:
    • 3 Airborne Coys;
    • 1 Recon and Support Coy;
    • 1 Command Coy.
  • 1 Light Armored Reecon Battalion with:
    • 1 Logistic and Command Coy;
    • 2 Armored Sqds.
  • 1 Support Command Regiment with:
    • 1 Artillery Battery;
    • 1 Mortar Battery;
    • 1 MRLS Battery;
    • 1 Engineer Coy;
    • Logistic Units.
  • 7xMilitary Regions with:
    • 1 Motorized Infantry Battalion or Coy-each.


Hand Guns




Grenade Launchers

Recoilless Rifles

Missile Launchers

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Armoured Personnel Carriers

Armoured Response Vehicles

Light Anti-Tank Rocket Launchers

Multiple Rocket Launchers



Anti-Aircraft Guns


Army Aircraft Inventory

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[1] Notes
Aérospatiale SA 342 Gazelle  France attack\ scout helicopter SA-342L (with MBDA HOT missiles) 5
Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma  France transport helicopter SA-330 7



Fast Attack Craft

Patrol Craft

Landing Craft


Air Force

The Air Force operates 33 aircraft, including 4 combat jets and 5 helicopters. In addition to the Air Force, the Army operates its own fleet of 8 helicopters.

Aircraft Inventory

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[2] Notes
Aérospatiale SA 316 Alouette III  France utility helicopter SA 316B 3 6 delivered
ATR-42  France
passenger transport ATR 42 1
Eurocopter AS350  France light helicopter AS350B 2x AS-350B Ecureuil
Eurocopter AS355  France light helicopter AS355 1
Beechcraft T-34 Mentor  United States trainer T-34C 4
Bell 205  United States utility helicopter Iroquois 1
Bell 412  United States transport helicopter 412SP 1
Bell 212  United States transport helicopter 1 2 delivered.
Douglas DC-8  United States VIP transport DC-8 1
CASA CN-235  Spain tactical transport CN-235-200M 1
Reims F152  United States  France utility 1
Reims F337  United States  France light attack G Super Skymaster 4
Reims F404  United States France utility aircraft Titan-1 1
Dassault Falcon 20  France VIP jet transport 2 delivered.
Dassault Falcon 900  France VIP transport 1 2 delivered.
Dassault Mirage F1  France ground attack F1AZ 8 Ordered, 6 Received, 2 Outstanding [2] ex-SAAF
Dassault Mirage V  France trainer
>Mirage 5DG
Mirage 5G
the total order was for 13 Mirage Vs. ( 4xMirage V-DG, 2xMirage V-RG-not delivered, 3xMirage V-G and 4xMirage V-G-II) status unknown
Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet  France Germany trainer
SM-2 6 reported.
Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante  Brazil transport
maritime patrol
in total 1xEMB-111A+4xEMB-110P-1 were delivered.
Eurocopter SA 332 Super Puma  France
transport helicopter SA-332F 1[2]
Fouga Magister  Finland France via  Austria trainer CM 170 4 built by Valmet. A total of 8x CM-170 were delivered.

Gulfstream II  United States VIP- jet 1
Gulfstream III  United States VIP-jet 1
Gulfstream IV  United States VIP-jet SP 1
British Aerospace 125  United Kingdom VIP-jet HS.125 Series 400 out of service 1 delivered.
Lockheed C-130 Hercules  United States tactical transport C-130H
A total of 4 C-130s were delivered (1xC-130H, 1xC-130-20, 2x C-130-30)
Douglas A-1 Skyraider  United States attack Out of service 9 delivered
Matra R-530D\F Super  France AAMs
Matra R.550 Magic 2  France AAMs
Aerospatiale AS-30L  France AGMs
MBDA HOT  France Germany ATGMs for SA-342 helicopters
  • Aircraft sensors:-
AN\APS-128 MP radar  United States for EBM-111MP x1
AN\ALR-93  United States

Air Bases

Air Force Units

  • 1 Fighter Squadron 1-02 Leyou at BA02 Franceville with:
    • Mirage F-1;
    • Mirage M-5;
    • CM-170;
    • Alpha Jet(?).
  • 1 Light Transport Squadron at BAO1 Libreville with:
    • EMB-110;
    • EMB-111;
    • SA-316.
  • 1 Heavy Transport Squadron at BA01 Libreville with:
    • C-130 Hercules;
    • CN-235.
  • 1 Ministral Air Liaison Group at BA01 Libreville with:
    • DC-8;
    • Falcon-900EX;
    • Gulfstream-III.

Historical Aircraft


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