Kamen Rider Zolda

Kamen Rider Zolda

nihongo|Kamen Rider Zolda|仮面ライダーゾルダ|Kamen Raidā Zoruda is a fictional character in the tokusatsu production "Kamen Rider Ryuki". He is the fourth of the 13 Kamen Riders the story revolves around. His true identity is Kitaoka Shuichi and is played by Ryouhei.

Kamen Rider Zolda is a far-range Kamen Rider, relying on different forms of heavy artillery to fight. His default weapon is a sub-machine gun which doubles as his card-reader. His contract monster, Magnugiga, splits into the other separate weapons he uses, a huge bazooka, a backpack with shoulder cannons, and a huge shield. His name is derived from the russian word, "" meaning "soldier" or "mercenary".

Fictional character biography

Kitaoka is a self-proclaimed "super-lawyer", and tends to will only help someone if he has something to gain. Because he has a terminal case of cancer and was given only several more months to live, he accepted Kanzaki's offer to join the Rider war. His prize is to be immortal so that he could continue his extravagant lifestyle. Because of his illness, he suffers from frequent dizzy spells and fainting. For a time, he was Takeshi Asakura's defense lawyer, until Asakura's attitude upset him, leading him to quit. Eventually the two found out they were both Riders and they began a personal feud against each other.

Initially, Zolda's identity was mistaken for that of his secretary, the ever-capable Goro Yura. Shinji at one time thought he had accidentally killed Goro because of the mistaken identity purposefully caused by Kitaoka and Goro. The truth eventually was revealed to Shinji and the other Riders. Kitaoka was the only Rider to voluntarily give up the fight rather than be killed, though he gave up because his illness prevented him from further action. Unfortunately, his illness caught up with him; he died in peace at his home while Goro went to fight in his place as Kamen Rider Zolda; Goro, not used to Zolda's long-range style, died fighting against Kamen Rider Ouja. After Shiro restored time to its proper course after Yui's death, Kitaoka and Goro were both given a second chance at life, although Kitaoka presumably retained his illness.


Alter Ego: Kitaoka Shuichi
* Sight: ~20km
* Hearing: ~10km radius
* Speed: 51.4km/h
* High jump: 15m
* Punch: 300 Attack Points
* Kick: 300 Attack Points

Contract Monster

* Height: 2.85m
* Weight: 510kgModelled after a buffalo and a minotaur. A.k.a. Steel giant.

Advent Cards

Magnu Visor
* Both the card reader of Zolda and a submachine gun with a cyclic rate of 120 rounds per minute.

Magnugiga (6,000 Attack Points)
* Summoned Magnugiga.

Strike Vent (2,000 Attack Points) - "Giga Horn"
* Equipped Zolda's hand with a dual bladed gauntlet that resembled the head of Magnugiga. This card was never used in the show.

Shoot Vent (2,000 Attack Points) - "Giga Launcher"
* A huge cannon that resembled the arms of Magnugiga.

Shoot Vent (3,000 Attack Points) - "Giga Cannon"
* A pair of shoulder-mounted cannons that resembled the legs of Magnugiga.

Guard Vent (3,000 Guard Points) - "Giga Armor"
* A shield that resembled the torso of Magnugiga. Could also be used as a stand for Giga Launcher.

Guard Vent (1,000 Guard Points) - "Giga Tector"
* A Shoulder Armor that resembled the Knee of Magnugiga. This card was never used in the show.

Final Vent (7,000 Attack Points) - "End Of World"
* Zolda inserts his gun into Magnugiga's back, pulls the trigger to make Magnugiga fire all of its guns and release all of the missiles from its body.


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