List of American gentlemen's clubs

List of American gentlemen's clubs

The following is a list of notable gentlemen's clubs in the United States. Many of these clubs, but not all, admit women.

The traditional gentlemen's club originated in London in the 18th century as a successor to coffeehouses. Today, these clubs also continue to operate in the United States, where most major cities have at least one such club. Gentlemen's clubs are most prevalent, however, in older cities on the east coast. For example, New York City has more prominent gentlemen's clubs than any American city. Many American clubs have reciprocal relationships with the older clubs in London, with each other, and with other clubs around the world.

Because the term "gentleman's club" often is used in the United States to refer euphemistically to strip clubs, gentlemen's clubs often are referred to as "city clubs" (as opposed to country clubs) or simply as "private clubs". For other meanings and nuances of the word, see club.

List of notable traditional gentlemen's clubs in the United States



**The [ Arizona Club] (1894)
**The [ University Club] (1989)


**The Berkeley City Club (1927)
**The [ Downtown Club] (1963)
*Los Angeles
**The California Club (1887)
**The Jonathan Club (1895)
**The Los Angeles Athletic Club (1880), which awards the John R. Wooden Award
*Newport Beach
**The Balboa Bay Club (1948)
**The [ Pacific Club] (1981)
**The [ Bellevue Club] (1929)
*Palo Alto
**The [ University Club of Palo Alto] (1952)
**The [ University Club of Pasadena] (1922)
**The Sutter Club (1925)
*San Diego
**The [ University Club] (1896)
*San Francisco
**The Bohemian Club (1872), which hosts the Bohemian Grove retreat
**The [ Concordia-Argonaut Club] (1864)
**The Family (1902), founded by members of the Bohemian Club
**The [ Marines Memorial Club] (1946)
**The Olympic Club (1860)
**The Pacific-Union Club (1852)
**The [ University Club of San Francisco] (1890)
*Santa Barbara
**The [ University Club of Santa Barbara] (1923)
**The [ Yosemite Club] (1888)


*Colorado Springs
** [ El Paso Club] (1877)
**The Denver Athletic Club (1884)


**The Hartford Club (1873)
**The [ Town and County Club] (1925)
*New Haven
** [ The Graduate Club] (1892)
** [ The New Haven Lawn Club] (1891)
** [ The Quinnipiak Club] (1871)
*New London
** [ Thames Club] (1869)


** [ The University and Whist Club] (1891)

flag|District of Columbia

**The [ Army and Navy Club] (1885)
**The Capitol Hill Club (The National Republican Club) (1951)
**The [ City Tavern Club] (1962)
**The Cosmos Club (1878)
**The [ Metropolitan Club] (1907)
**The National Press Club (1908)
** [ The University Club of Washington, D.C.] (1904)


**The [ Collier Athletic Club] (1985)
**The [ Surf Club] (1930)
** [ The Governor's Club] (1982)


**The Capital City Club (1883)
**The Commerce Club (1960)
**The Piedmont Driving Club (1887)


** [ The Pacific Club] (1851)


**The Chicago Club (1869)
** [ The Standard Club] (1869)
**The Union League of Chicago (1879)
**The University Club of Chicago (1887)
**The Decatur Club (1883)
*Oakbrook Terrace
**The Dupage Club (1984)
**The University Club (1911)
**The Sangamo Club


** [ The University Club of Indianapolis] (1893)


** [ The Outing Club] (1891)


**The Hutchinson Town Club
*Kansas City
** [ The Kansas City Athletic Club] (1894)
**The [ Top of the Tower Club] (1968)
**The Petroleum Club of Wichita


**The Pendennis Club (1881)


*Baton Rouge
** [ The City Club] (1894)
** [ The Petroleum Club] (1953)
*New Orleans
**The City Energy Club (1997)
** [ The New Orleans Athletic Club] (1872)
** [ The Cambridge Club] (1982)


** [ The Center Club] (1962)
** [ The Engineers Club] (1905)
**The Maryland Club (1891)
**The Mt. Vernon Club


**The Algonquin Club (1885)
**The Club of Odd Volumes (1887)
**The Harvard Club (1908)
**The [ Saint Botolph Club] (1880)
**The Somerset Club (1852)
**The Tavern Club (1884)
**The Tennis and Racquet Club (1902)
**The [ Union Club] (1863)
**The [ Union Boat Club] (1851)
**The [ University Club of Boston] (1891)
*New Bedford
**The Wamsutta Club (1866)
**The [ Colony Club] (1915)


*Bloomfield Hills
**The Birmingham Athletic Club (1960)
**The Miscowaubik club (1903)
**The Detroit Athletic Club (1887)
**The Detroit Club (1882)
**The Beacon Club (1947)
** [ The Park Club] (1904)
**The University Club (1962)
**The Saginaw Club (1889)


** [ The Minneapolis Club] (1883)
**The [ Minneapolis Life Time Athletic Club] (1915)
*Saint Paul
**The [ University Club of Saint Paul] (1912)


**The [ University Club of Missouri University]
*Kansas City
**The [ Kansas City Club] (1882)
**The River Club (1948)
*St. Louis
**The [ Missouri Athletic Club] (1903), which awards the Hermann Trophy
**The Racquet Club of St. Louis (1906), which funded Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis"


**The [ Montana Club] (1885)

flag|New York

**The [ University Club] (1901)
**The [ Fort Orange Club] (1880)
**The [ Binghamton Club] (1880)
**The [ Buffalo Club] (1867)
**The [ Saturn Club] (1885)
**The [ Jamestown Town Club] (1929)
*New York City
**Clubs affiliated with university alumni groups:
***The [ Cornell Club] (1889)
***The Harvard Club of New York (1887)
***The Penn Club of New York City (1901)
***The Princeton Club of New York (1899)
***The Williams Club (1913)
***The Yale Club of New York City (1897), which awarded the Heisman Trophy in 2002 and 2003
**The Brook (1903)
**The Century Association (1846)
**The Colony Club (1903)
**The Cosmopolitan Club (New York) (1909)
**The Down Town Association (1859)
**The Harmonie Club (1852)
**The [ India House Club] (1914)
**The Knickerbocker Club (1871)
**The Links Club (1921)
**The [ Lotos Club] (1870)
**The Metropolitan Club (1891)
**The Montauk Club (1891)
**The New York Athletic Club (1868)
**The New York Yacht Club (1844)
**The Racquet and Tennis Club (1876)
**The Union Club (1836)
**The Union League Club of New York (1863)
**The University Club of New York (1865)
**The Genesee Valley Club
** [ The Century Club] (1876)

flag|New Jersey

*Florham Park
**The [ Park Avenue Club] (1894)
**The [ Nassau Club] (1889)


**The [ Cincinnati Athletic Club] (1853)
**The [ Queen City Club]
**The [ University Club of Cincinnati] (1879)
**The [ Union Club] (1866)
**The Athletic Club of Columbus (1916)
**The [ Engineers Club of Dayton] (1914)
**The [ Massillon Club] (1917)
**The [ Toledo Club] (1889)


*Oklahoma City
**The [ Beacon Club] (1942)
**The [ Petroleum Club]
**The [ Petroleum Club] (1951)
**The [ Summit Club] (1967)


**The [ Arlington Club] (1867)
**The Multnomah Athletic Club (1891)
**The [ University Club of Portland] (1898)


**The [ Erie Club] (1882)
**The [ Blairmont Club] (1924)
**The Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia (1928)
**The Franklin Inn Club (1893)
**The Pen & Pencil Club (1892)
**The Racquet Club of Philadelphia (1889)
**The Union League of Philadelphia (1862) []
**The [ Vesper Club] (1946)
**The [ Allegheny HYP Club] (1930)
**The [ Concordia Club] (1874)
**The [ Duquesne Club] (1873)
**The Pittsburgh Athletic Association (1908)
**The [ Lafayette Club] (1898)

flag|Rhode Island

**The New York Yacht Club (1844) (summer clubhouse)
**The Hope Club (1875)

flag|South Carolina

**The Green Boundary Club (1956)
**The Charleston Club (1852)
**The Piedmont Club (1941)


**The University Club (1907)
**The Racquet Club


**The [ Austin Club] (1949)
** The Beaumont Club
*Dallas, Texas
**The [ Petroleum Club] (1934)
*Fort Worth, Texas
**The [ Fort Worth Club] (1885)
*Houston, Texas
**The [ Briar Club] (1949)
**The [ Houston Club] (1894)
**The [ Petroleum Club] (1946)


*Salt Lake City
**The Alta Club (1883)


** [ Ethan Allen Club] (1857)


**Virginia Club (1873)
**The 2300 Club (1964)
**The [ Bull and Bear Club] (1967)
**The Commonwealth Club
**The [ Tower Club] (1988)
**The Fauquier Club


**The [ Bellevue Club]
**The [ Spokane Athletic Club] (1890)
**The [ Rainier Club] (1888)
**The [ Washington Athletic Club] (1930)
**The [ Tacoma Club] (1930)


**The [ Madison Club] (1909)
**The [ Milwaukee Athletic Club] (1882)
**The University Club of Milwaukee (1898)
**The Wausau Club (1901)

Defunct or merged clubs

*Chicago, Illinois
**The Chicago Athletic Association (1890-2007) [] [ [ Chicago Athletic Association Files For Bankruptcy] ]
*Cleveland, Ohio
**The Cleveland Athletic Club (1908-2007) [] [ [ Cleveland Athletic Club will close New Year's Eve] ]
*Grand Rapids, Michigan
**The Peninsula Club (1881-2008) [] [ [ Peninsular Club to close doors after 126 years] ]
*Kansas City, Missouri
**The University Club (1901-1999) []
*New York City, New York
**The Downtown Athletic Club (1926-2002), which founded the Heisman Trophy and awarded it each year until damage in the September 11, 2001 attacks


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