List of recipients of tribute from China

List of recipients of tribute from China

In a reversal of the common perception that surrounding countries invariably paid tribute to China, China itself has paid tribute to a number states and confederations throughout history, due to Sinocentrism, China had not paid them willingly, as it regarded itself as the most advanced, important, and the Middle Kingdom, so these were forced upon China with threats of attacks and raids, which many of the peoples who received tribute continued to do anyway after receiving tribute.:
*Xiongnu in 198 BCE-138 BCE: the Xiongnu repulsed the invading army of the Han Dynasty, advanced into the territory of China, and besieged its capital. The Chinese Emperor recognised the Great Wall as the border of the two states and was obliged to pay annual tribute (silk, liquor, rice) to the Xiongnu. [cite web
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*Turkic Kaganate: The Qi and Zhou Dynasties of China surrendered to the Turks in 570 and began paying tributecite book
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] .
*Uigur Kaganate: Successful campaigns of the Uigur Kaganate led to a peace with the Tang Dynasty which paid tribute in silk and grain for 12 years from 766 [cite web
title = Chronological table of history of Siberia and Mongolia
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] .

*Tibet: in 763 Tibetan troops approached the capital of the Tang Empire and received tribute. The agreement specified the tribute item--50 thousand rolls of silk. [cite web
title = Seven years in Tibet
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] [cite web + | title = What are the major events of Tibetan history (timeline)? + | url = + | publisher = Stason + | accessdate = 2007-09-25 + ]
*Altan Khan of Mongolia in 1550s after the Altan Khan besieged Beijing.cite book
last = Luvsandanzan
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title = Алтан товч (Altan Tobchi)
date = 17th century
location = Mongolia
*Ligden Khan of Mongolia early 1600s: after a series of raids on China, the Ming court paid silver to the Ligden Khan.cite book
last =
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title = Dai Qing Tai-Ju Gao-Hoangdi Shi-lu. (History of the Great Qing Tai-Ju Emperor)
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location = Tokio

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