List of last living war veterans

List of last living war veterans

This page lists the last surviving veterans of numerous military conflicts, where known.

War of 1812

*USA: Hiram Cronk, died May 13, 1905

American Revolutionary War

*Colonies: Daniel F. Bakeman, died April 5, 1869

American Civil War

*Union: Albert Woolson, died August 2, 1956
*Confederate: Pleasant Crump, died December 31, 1951

Second Boer War

*UK: George Frederick Ives, died April 12, 1993

Finnish Civil War

*Red Guards: Aarne Arvonen, still alive
*White Guards: Lennart Rönnback, died November 4, 2007

Franco-Prussian War

*France: Thomas Guillaume Troubat, died March 9, 1954 [ [ Derniers vétérans Guerre 1870-71 ] ]
*Germany: Karl Glöckner, died October 3, 1953

Irish War of Independence

*IRA: Dan Keating, died October 2, 2007

Mexican-American War

*USA: Owen Thomas Edgar, died September 3, 1929

Polish-Soviet War

*Poland: Josef Kowalski, still alive

Spanish-American War

*USA: Jones Morgan, died August 29, 1993 or Nathan E. Cook, died September 10, 1992

Turkish War of Independence

*Turkey: Yakup Satar, died April 2, 2008 [ [ yakup satar , ultime vétéran de l'Empire Ottoman, dernier survivant turque de la première guerre mondiale ] ]

World War I

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