List of characters in Atomic Betty

List of characters in Atomic Betty

This is a list of characters from the Cartoon Network and Teletoon animated television series "Atomic Betty".

With the exception of the show's eponymous character and the particular story involved, most of the characters encountered in the series are exclusive to either of the two major settings in the show. The show is largely centred around Betty and her friends in segments taking place on Earth, while Betty and her crew are the major focus of the space setting.

Main characters

Betty/Atomic Betty

Betty the heroine of the show, is from Moose Jaw Heights (a parody of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada" [ Saskatchewan Home To New Superhero] ," "Hollywood North Report"] ). The Turner press kit describes Betty as "like any other kid living in the suburbs, except for her secret life as Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos."" [ The Luna Pen called Disguise Power with Disguise Betty Atomic Betty Character Descriptions] ," "Turner Pressroom"] She has red hair and green eyes, and is the protagonist. Betty is known to speak her mind, despite the consequences, and may have more than just her friendship with Noah, her best friend. Her nemesis is Maximus IQ.


Sparky is Betty's first lieutenant and co-pilot of the Hyper-Galactic Star Cruiser. Sparky aspires to become a Galactic Guardian. The press kit describes him as "a little guy with an inferiority complex" who displays "reckless behavior" and is "extremely loyal to Betty." Sparky has a large nose, green skin, and blue hair.

Robot X-5

He is the third member of Betty's crew. The press kit states that X-5 has an "annoying knack for spouting off too much information." X5 is square shaped and is the color yellow. In season three X5 is portrayed with more emotion and more humor.

Other main characters

Non-human characters

Admiral DeGill

DeGill is an orange goldfish with a crew cut who is Commander in Chief of Galactic Guardian and Planet Protectors Battalion 147; whenever he finds an issue, he asks Betty to solve the problem. As Betty is his top agent, DeGill displays a "very serious" attitude regarding his "important" position. DeGill does not like to "chitchat" unless the other person wishes to hear a "long" and "detailed" narrative about his "glory days." During Season 3, Maximus manages to find and destroy Guardian HQ, so Degill decides to relocate the Headquarters to Earth, right under Moosejaw Heights. In "Beach Blanket Betty", he has an amulet that turns good people into superheroes and bad people into supervillains.

Maximus I.Q.

He is a bumbling supervillain with the I. Q. of 0.04, catlike in appearance, most likely based on the Flash Gordon character Ming the Merciless, and somewhat regal (or at least believes himself so) in bearing. Like any other cat, he hates getting wet. Maximus has one simple dream: to impose his evil rule on every sentient being in the Cosmos. Though bumbling, he represents enough of a danger that he is Betty's most annoying and frequent nemesis. He is obsessed with defeating Betty and discovering her home planet, and has come very close on several occasions (including once building a temporary base near Jupiter). Betty hates Maximus because he’s always breaking the Galactic Guardian rulebook, while Maximus hates Betty because she’s always ruining his plans. As Maximus would say, “That girl has no respect for evil geniuses!”. He is bad-tempered, self-important, bossy, two-faced ("I'm such a liar"), and selfish. In "Self-Sabotage", it is revealed that he hates the colour pink ("Pink, and how I loathe that colour, good bye wretched pink") and in "Galactic Guardians No More!", it is revealed that he hates pies. In season three, he is bossier than before, as he is not only aggressive to Minimus, he is aggressive to his army as well.

Minimus P.U.

P.U., short for "Portable Underling", is a biogenetically-engineered assistant for Maximus. Minimus can withstand "extremely high" levels of "verbal and physical abuse" from Maximus. Minimus's "swivel-head" feature allows him to switch between his two faces, one being a sycophant, the other a grumbler. Depending on Minimus' mood, his head will swivel around to display the appropriate face with a loud clicking sound; the other face, when not in use, has its eyes closed and is considered dormant. He, like Maximus, is also a liar due to having two faces. In season three, viewers learn he is actually very lonely and would like a friend, and seems even more aware than usually about how Maximus bosses him around. He also seems to have a slight friendship with Sparky. Also, in the episode "Loves Bites" Betty is bitten by a lovebug (literally) and becomes determined to marry him. Luckily for both of them, the effect wore off. Minimus also terribly abused by Maximus, and as each season passes the treatment gets worse and worse.

Human characters

Noah Parker

Noah Parker, a resident of Earth, is one of Betty's "closest friends." Noah enjoys studying mathematics, making him a target for bullies like Duncan Payne. Betty travels with Noah when they attend functions or events. Like Betty, he is kind and is rivalled by Penelope Lang. He is not aware of Betty's crime-fighting identity, although he finds out about Betty's identity and eventually becomes a Galactic Guardian himself as of the third season. It is implied that Noah has romantic feelings for Betty.


She is a Latina girl who is introduced in the second season as a new transfer student who quickly befriends Betty and becomes Noah's occasional rival for Betty's friendship. Like Betty, Paloma is a kind, strong-willed young woman who willingly stands up to nasty people like Penelope Lang. However, she hides a secret that is only revealed at the end of the second season. The secret is that Paloma is from the planet Sharbena, where its citizens possessed the unique ability to shape shift into any living creature they desired. No army could defeat a race that could duplicate it in every detail, so the inhabitants of Sharbena enjoyed peace and prosperity lasting for eons, until many years ago on that planet, a female villain named Golgotha became convinced their powers were divine, and that the rightful place for Sharbena was as rulers of the galaxy. When she couldn't convince her fellow citizens of her beliefs, she freed a Demon who couldn’t be imitated, for it was not a creature of the living. Unable to duplicate the demon, the Sharbenians where helpless to defend themselves, the city was destroyed, Golgotha fell in love with the demon, and together they swept through the galaxy on a reign of terror, destroying all who stood in their way until the Galactic Guardians, including Spindly Tam Kanushu, Admiral DeGill, and Beatrixo (Betty's grandmother) were able to imprison the demon in a mystic box, Golgotha fled into hiding, and while in hiding, Golgotha gave birth to the Demon's children, twin girls: One of them was Paloma and the other is her sister Pandora, who looks exactly like Paloma, only with light purple hair, lighter skin, and yellow eyes. Paloma was sent to Earth in order to hide out there, along with her "little sister" Juanita, who was really a Galactic Guardian sent with Paloma to protect her. Pandora kidnaps Paloma at the end of the second season and attempts to use her to free their demon father. During her capture Paloma appears to die but is suddenly reborn with horns and a tail. Using the good side of her father's powers she manages to imprison both him and Pandora. In "No Space Like Home Part Two" she and Juanita, say good-bye to Betty and vanish, possibly for good.

Regeena Peterson

A new character introduced in the third season who befriends Betty and Noah, Regeena is a force to be reckoned with. She's dynamic, funny, and gregarious. She's also Principal Peterson's daughter, and, as far as he's concered, she's a sweet, demure, respectable girl. But as soon as he turns his back, her real personality comes out, which is quite the opposite. Betty finds Reegena refreshing, around Regeena, she comes out of her shell. In fact, Betty becomes a bit of a project for Reegena; She is determined to make Betty get out and "do stuff!". She has a somewhat bulkier build than most of her classmates, but given her father's athletic interests and build it's quite likely that this is muscle as opposed to fat. She has a distaste for Penelope.

Penelope Lang

Penelope Lang, is Betty's disgusting, snobbish, self-obsessed, near heartless school-rival, who thinks of herself as the most popular prima donna at her school. She is rich, spoiled, and often uses her popularity or wealth to undermine Betty's social standing, a plan that inevitably backfires. She is usually seen with two sidekicks named Megan and Sarah. She’s used to getting her own way — even if it means stepping all over other people. In fact, she enjoys getting her own way more if she has to step over other people to do so. In "Bracelet Yourself", she appeared as one of the villains when she tampered with Betty's bracelet which is property of the Galactic Guardians and caused the Starcruiser to lose control. She also seems to not hate, but "despise" Betty enough to be violent, for in "Pre-Teen Queen of Outerspace", she attempts to kill Betty and her friends, though she thinks it is just a dream, and in "Mirror of Morgana" she kicks Betty in the face. Being Betty's rival, she also dislikes Noah just about as much as she dislikes Betty. In season three, she is occasionally seen with her grandmother who is just about as snobbish as she is.

Charles "Chaz" Lang

A new character introduced in the third season, due to being away at private school for the first two seasons until he refused to attend anymore. Chaz is really cool and an amazing skateboarder, even better then Betty. He knows all the cool tricks, he's really cute, and unless Betty is wrong, he kind of likes her, which makes Noah jealous. What's bad about Chaz is that he's Penelope's brother, but luckily, he and his sister don't really get along. He's much more down to earth, he wants people to think he's tough, cool, and dangerous, he's always trying to call himself cool names like "Mad Dog", cause he believes "Chaz" is an embarrassing name. He is the black sheep of the Lang family, as he is the only one in the family who is not snobbish.

Other characters

Human characters

Betty's Father

He is a slightly absent-minded, stereotypical 1950s salesman who is usually busy with whatever new gadget he is trying to sell, but he is a devoted father when he's around.

Betty's Mother

She dresses like a stereotypical hairdresser, with a poufed blonde ponytail and tacky animal-print clothes, but her actual skills at hairstyling are best left unseen. Where Betty's father is absent-minded, her mother is simply oblivious, as she spends most of her day fussing over her beloved cat, Purrsey. This is why she never seems to notice that Betty has just returned from a mission in space. Bettys mother seems to care more about her cat then she does Betty.

Beatrixo (Betty's Grandmother)

She is a lively older woman with a love of clog dancing and numerous other talents. She lives in the country just outside of Moose Jaw Heights. Like any country girl she enjoys life’s simple pleasures: curling up under a warm quilt with a nice warm fire in the hearth, and munching down some nice cow-tongue stew. She is a retired Galactic Guardian, a fact that Betty discovered when she found a signal bracelet identical to her own in her granny's attic (Betty is the only one on Earth who knows her secret). It is unknown whether Betty's father is in on the secret. She may be retired, but every now and then, and only when Betty is in real trouble, she will come out of retirement to help her granddaughter. Beatrixo found her husband Jimmy on the episode "The No-L 9". In the second season finale "Takes One to Know One", we see that she was one of the guardians who imprisoned the demon in the Beluvian Box and that her old team consisted of her, Spindly Tam Kanushu, a retired Galactic Guardian named Arkan, a young Admiral DeGill, and B-1.

Jimmy (Betty's Grandfather)

He is Bea's husband and was a scientist studying the musicality of space rocks who was lost while trying to discover sounds on a distant planet, but was found on "The No-L 9", a collection of singing planets in "Atomic Betty: The No-L 9" (Christmas special). In his sole appearance on the show, Jimmy's voice was provided by William Shatner.

ir Purrsefus a.k.a. Purrsey

Purrsey for short, is Betty's mother's spoiled, surly, beloved Siamese cat. She lavishes him with attention and treats him like he’s Betty’s younger sibling. And just like any other spoiled rotten little brat, Purrsy is petty, jealous and conniving. Purrsy has accidentally accompanied Betty on one of her missions, but being a cat has not said anything about it. He tends to cause trouble, but the trouble often backfires on him. He also seems to enjoy the company of Maximus I.Q. Also, in the episode "If The Shoe Fits" he gains the ability to speak English (it is unknown if this is permanent or not).


He is Betty's bratty cousin. He's self-centered, arrogant, and thinks that anything not to his liking is stupid. This usually means anything Betty or her friends like. He also has a talent for causing havoc that eventually gets him into trouble.


He is the school heartthrob, as he is both attractive and athletic. Penelope is nuts about him! So is Betty… although she’d never admit it. He is the dream guy of every girl in school, but he is attracted to Betty because of her intelligence and interest in science. The fact that she says bizarre things, and leaves at a moment’s notice, only intrigues Dylan even more. Betty does not still like him now because she now has a new crush, and Penelope also no longer likes him after an incident in "Bee Movie", and she seems to be more into Duncan now.

Duncan Paine

He is Moose Jaw Heights Junior High's resident school bully, and likes Penelope, although he had a small crush on Paloma in the episode "The X-Rays". Duncan Paine bosses people around, like Penelope, though he is not really that descriptive on any show, but "Bracelet Yourself" where he appeared as one of the villains when he tampered with Betty's bracelet which is property of the Galactic Guardians and ended up insulting Maximus with it. In "Takes One To Know One" he chases after Paloma who pranked him and became suspicous after he saw Paloma getting abducted by her evil twin sister Pandora. In season three it is hinted he is fond of Penelope.

Principal Peterson

He is Betty's school principal. Tough but fair, he takes his interest in hockey to the point of obsession. His office is decorated with tons of memorabilia and he even has a penalty box in his office where he puts kids who have misbehaved. He also likes to sprinkle his everyday speech with metaphors from hockey and other sports. His voice and style of dress are patterned after veteran Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry.

Megan and Sarah

They are Penelope's two lackeys and do whatever Penelope tells them to and aren't as mean as Penelope (they give Betty an occasional compliment in some episodes) but snicker in a bratty manner at Penelope's cruel jokes. Megan is the fat brunette who toddles around, and Sarah is the Chinese girl who wears glasses.

Non-human characters

Atomic Roger

He is another Galactic Guardian, apparently human, although clearly not from Earth, who is Betty's colleague and occasional rival. Stylish, and groomed with a slickly-coiffed blond pompadour hairdo (actually a wig), Atomic Roger is not evil; he’s just vain, self-centered, and above all narcissistic. He is actually a highly skilled Galactic Guardian who helps save the world (as long as he doesn’t have to get too messy doing it). He also may or may not have a crush on Betty.

pindly Tam Kanushu

He was Betty's martial arts trainer and sensei. He is an elderly alien martial arts expert. His first apperance was in the episode "Spindly Tam Kanushu", in which Maximus kidnapped him in order to teach his Morbidian Blood Monks his Martial Arts knowledge, but instead, he secretly taught them to be dancers. He then made small guest appearances in the episodes "Best (Mis) Laid Plans" and "The Revenge of Masticula". In "Case of the Missing Kanushu", he is kidnapped by his evil student named Koreena, and also appeared in the 2nd season finale "Takes One to Know One", showing that he was part of Beatrixo's old team.

Commander McSlim

He is another commanding officer of Betty. He is the director for the Galactic Guardians Training Corps and the Galactic Guardian Academy's most famous instructor.

Empress Narcissitad

She was apparently a selfish, spoiled empress who was kidnapped by Maximus and held for ransom on the planet Crushton in "Battle of the Bots". Her personality is similar to that of Princess Helena from "Princess Sissi". Her "donut hairstyle" and type of dress are a parody of Princess Leia. She also hates and is allergic to robots (like X-5 and B-1) to the point where she would rather be kidnapped by Maximus than be rescued by robots. Instead of paying Maximus' demands, Narcissitad's subjects sent him a note saying he could keep her. In the episode's conclusion, you can see Maximus being annoyed by her complaints and asks Minimus to find his ear plugs. She later made a small non-speaking guest appearance in the episode "Bee Movie". She also appears in season three, betrothed to another royal alien.


Zulia, Sparky's mother, is a sweet, perfect mother figure to anyone she comes across. She's thoughtful, kind, and an incredible cook who will never let anyone leave her house hungry. She also has a fiery temper and a vicious hit with kitchen utensils should anyone threaten her son. Despite this, she unknowingly dates (male) villains much to Sparky's disdain. In "Slime of the Century", she dated Maximus, in "Once Bitten, Twice Slimed", she dated Maximus Senior, in "Zulia's New Beau", she dated Plutor, and by the end of this episode, she started dating Hopper the Chopper.


He is X-5's "uncle". He's an older model robot who was discarded on the planet Crushton when he became obsolete. Since then he's led a robot militia against anyone (such as Maximus) who tries to profit from the giant scrap pile at the cost of what little functionality the robots have.

Chef Bernadette

She was apparently Maximus' personal chef in her appearances before "Poached Egg". In "Poached Egg", she resigned as Maximus' personal chef when she refused to make an omelette out of the last existing Piraxian rhino egg, despite Maximus' order. In the episode's ("Poached Egg") conclusion (not in her appearances after "Poached Egg"), she went back to her old job as Maximus' personal chef after Maximus gave up on making an omelette out of a Piraxian rhino egg, and as a result, he ended up nearly eating Minimus instead.


She was a robot designed to mimic Betty (it even projected a hologram around itself to look like Betty) that Sparky ordered through a mail-in kit. In "Robo-Betty" (this episode is named after her), she was sent by Sparky to cover for Betty at Noah's birthday party, but returned and was able to defeat Captain Lure (which was a robot with a bomb used as a trap set by Maximus) by pushing it and herself out of the airlock into space, where she was presumed destroyed in the explosion. In its sequel "Best Dressed Villain", she was able to defeat Maximus and his indestructible tin suit and it was discovered that she had survived and orbited the galaxy for a while before finding a home on the planet Crushton. She later reappeared in the season 3 episode "Rodeo Robots", in which she was controlled by Dr. Cerebral in order to destroy Betty, however, with B-1's help, they managed to get through to her and Robo-Betty aided them in defeating Dr. Cerebral.

The Betty Clones

They are three once-evil identical clones of Atomic Betty that were created from the genetic material in a piece of hair that Maximus IQ sliced off with his laser sword during a duel. The clones look identical to Betty in every way, shape, and form except for the eye colors (red for Optica (Fire Betty), who can fly and envelop herself in a fire like form, as well as generate and manipulate fire, yellow for Destructa (Rock Betty), who can morph into a larger form with superhuman strength and rock-like skin, and blue for Roxanne (Stretch-O Betty), who can stretch her body like rubber, allowing her to stretch, deform, and reform herself into virtually any shape), they even wore mock ups of the Galactic Guardian uniform, each with the same color as the eyes. Also, Maximus mutated the DNA of the Betty clones using genetic material of three evil alien females to give them their unique powers. In "The Trouble with Triplets", Maximus used them to commit crimes and frame the real Betty. In its sequel "The Cheerleaders of Doom", they became cheerleaders and gained the power to use their cheers to hypnotize people to do their bidding in which Maximus calls them his Sirens. They used their powers to steal the blueprints of Galactic Guardian HQ and tried to destroy it, but Betty and her team managed to figure out a way to reverse and duplicate their Cheerleading powers and used them to make the clones speak gibberish, thus rendering their cheerleading powers useless. Based on their powers, they seem to be a parody of the Fantastic Four, however, a Betty clone who can turn invisible and generate force fields like Susan Storm, has yet to be seen. In season three, X-5 rewired the three girls to be kind and act like the real Betty.


Maximus I.Q.

Minimus P.U.


He is a tough-talking, foul-tempered, 1930’s gangster-like evil alien infant (or perhaps an adult or adolescent trapped in an infant's body) who enjoys playing games with his enemies and is more spoiled than Paris Hilton and year-old milk — combined! He thinks the galaxy is his own personal box of toys and, accordingly, he wants and demands everything. He is usually accompanied by his "Terma-Nanny", a robotic henchman designed to look like a nanny. He has tried many plans, such as extracting the multi-colored magma from the planets of Colorosia, the most vibrant galaxy in the entire universe, to make his own line of action figures. He also once sucked Betty and her crew into a virtual reality game to fight for their lives according to his rules and used mind controlling chocolate chip cookies to form his own Brat Pack army. In "Family Feuds", it is revealed that he has a younger brother who is bigger than him, literally.

The Chameleon

He is an evil, dangerous spy and former top agent of Maximus, the Chameleon is so named because he has the curious ability to mimic the sound and appearance of any form possible. After being fired from Maximus' forces for an unexplained mishap, The Chameleon will do anything to get back in Maximus’s good books. As such, he wants to prove himself a super-criminal, and the best way he can see to do that is capture and/or destroy that pesky Atomic Betty.


She is a character reminiscent of the Witch Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; her trademark attacks are ice-based, using a scepter which fires a beam that freezes any target within its range. Queen of the ice planet Glacies, Iciclia is an icy, mean, cold-hearted, ugly old hag (1,000 years old, to be precise, which may mean she's immortal) and was once dependent on montegoberries to keep her youth and beauty, but she seems to have eliminated this dependency somehow. She has a sidekick named Dingleberry. She is at home only in climates as icy and cold as she is because if she were in a warm climate, she would melt.

Atomic Dodger

He is Roger’s identical twin (identical except that Dodger wears an orange visor and has a five o'clock shadow while Roger does not) who is a very evil and dangerous criminal. Dodger’s villainous ways may stem from his belief that their mother liked Roger more than him. Roger, for his part, is jealous that Dodger has real hair.


She is a Cruella de Vil-esque female alien with wild Medusa-like hair that is fatally shocking to the touch. She is energy-based being whose power (and size) increase as she consumes more energy and she has the power to conjure lightning blasts of various intensities and lengths. She continually uses new methods to secure large sources of energy to absorb. She is basically a human lightning bolt of energy, but that, of course, is not enough power for her. In the episode "Nuclea Infected", she tired to absorb the gravitational power of a Grey Hole, which is a smaller, more managible version of a Black Hole, in order to be able to convert solid matter into pure energy on the subatomic level, making her unstoppable, at the end of the episode, she is presumed dead after Betty tricked her into sucking up proto-stars. Her name is a play on the word "nuclear".

Pontifidora the Conquistadora

She is a former big-game hunter turned bounty hunter. She was Admiral DeGill's fiancée before turning to a life of crime. DeGill then turned her in to the authorities when she was hunting down the wedding party and ran off with a showgirl from the planet Vega. She has never forgiven DeGill for either act, and is determined to have him stuffed and mounted on her wall. In the episode "The Really Big Game", she trapped Degill on a jungle like planet and hunted him. In its sequel, "Night of the Degilla-Monster", she attempted to assassinate Degill, then teamed up with a clone he (Degill) created named Degilla, however she betrayed him and left him to die along with Betty and her crew.

Hopper the Chopper

He is a humanoid fish alien and a space cowboy who robs planets. In "Solar System Surfin'", he tried to transport aquatic wild west sharks, and in its sequel, "The Great SubTRAINean Robbery", he tried to hijack a chemical called Polydenum, which could make ordinary steel or any weapon indestructible, from a train, and tied Tex Degill (Admiral Degill's brother) onto a train track, but Hopper was stopped and Tex was saved with the help of Lily Rose (Tex's Daughter) who lead Betty to a shortcut. Hopper also made an appearance in the Season 2 premiere, "Bracelet Yourself", when he tried sending Sparky, X-5, and the Star Cruiser into the sun.


He is an incredibly small being who was angry because his small stature tends to make him ignored and planned to shrink everything in the galaxy, making him the biggest and most powerful being in the galaxy. He has a dog named Griffin, who looks to be part dog, part eagle.


He is the captain of the Galactic Pirates of the Corralean with a green beard (as his name suggests) who is always trying to find new ways of stealing various treasures (especially shiny objects like diamonds). In the episode "Galactic Pirates of the Corralean", Sparky and Betty snuck aboard his ship to retrieve a map to a 12,000 year old doomsday device, and in its sequel, "Ferried Treasure", Sparky inadvertently vacations on Greenbeard's pirate ship, which is now a not-so-luxury cruise ship (Greenbeard had lied and stated he had reformed) and accidentally lead them to a gigantic diamond that Betty and X-5 were transporting, but took the bait Betty set up instead (which was a box that looked like a treasure chest containing various junk). He made a reappearence in the season 3 episode "Arrrgh....It be 'olidays", in which he came to an earth amusement park in order to steal a new ship with which to steal a planet's jeweled rings. He may be a parody of Edward Teach a.k.a. Blackbeard.


A galactic criminal who terrorized the galaxy for centuries, she was a living golem made of a rubbery, protoplasmic putty-like substance and could morph her body into any shape at will. When she was caught, she was convicted by a jury that consisted of Chef Bernadette, Spindly Tam, Zulia, and Admiral Degill, she was found guilty and frozen on the ice planet Glacies, until Betty's team traveled there to stop an asteroid from crashing into it. Sparky was using a portable oven to cook pancakes and accidentally left it there, melting the ice, and freeing Masticula, who sought out and captured all the members of the jury that convicted her, taking them to Glacius and sentencing them to be frozen as she was, however, she was defeated by Betty and her team and was frozen once again. She may be a parody of Clayface.

Mylord Orus

He is a smelly being who tried to pollute other planets by sending garbage. In "Planet Stinxx", Mylord Orus polluted Edenia which turned the Edenians into mutants. In its sequel "A Fungus Amongus", he escaped his rocket prison from "Planet Stinxx" (instead of polluting a planet, it endlessly orbited the galaxy) with a help from a metal-eating fungi that had grown in his ship that he named Shermie the Germie, and was plotting revenge on the Galactic Guardians for arresting him, later in the episode, he and Shermie the Germie were both defeated by Sparky's homemade slug worm soup, which proved to be the thing that can dissolve the fungi. His name is a play on the word "malodourous".

Dr. Cerebral

He is a strange being, consisting of a giant brain with a face floating in a glass dome with mechanical legs and arms who yearns to control the universe, and eliminate inefficient and unsanitary organic life forms in the process. The self-proclaimed greatest genius in the galaxy, he is always trying to devise ways to destroy other intelligent beings and prove himself the smartest. First he invented a Stupefactor Ray which, when used to zap people, made them act silly. Then he tried to create a giant robot monster made from stolen data from some of the galaxy’s best programmed robots, including B-1 and X-5; Dr. Cerebral himself would serve as the monster’s brain, this plan almost destroyed B-1 and X-5. In the episode "Oy, Robot", he obtained a new robot and used it to convert organic lifeforms into robots, believing that they are superior and cleaner. He even transformed Sparky into a robot, but Betty managed to stop Cerebral and turn everyone back to normal. In its sequel "The Gazundheit Factor", he created an organic life form called "The Gloob" that can eat other life forms, but it was constantly trying to eat Dr. Cerebral instead, later in the episode, Betty and her crew and Dr. Cerebral work together to stop "The Gloob". In the episode's conclusion, he says that he should have known better than to trust an organic life form to do his evil bidding ("Ugh! I should have known better than to trust an organic life form to do my evil bidding") when both Dr. Cerebral and "The Gloob" were arrested by Betty and her crew (Dr. Cerebral and "The Gloob" became cellmates). He later returned in the season 3 episode "Rodeo Robots" in which he used a remote control from Crushton to take control of Robo-Betty and use her to try and destroy the Galactic Guardians.


He was a dark wizard from the planet Mortavia who kidnapped R-Turmex, the ruler of the planet in "Wizard of Orb" (Solovem's only appearance so far) because R-Turmex had placed a ban on all dark magic, he attempted to assemble a mighty army to conquer Mortavia and the Galaxy, but Betty and crew managed to defeat him and save the king.

Maximus Sr.

He is Maximus IQ's father who is also a criminal, though more of a robber and thug than a supervillain (although he was Maximus' predecessor, as seen in "The No-L 9"). Like Maximus, he (Maximus Sr.) possesses henchmen, but unlike Maximus, he does not possess an army. Even though Maximus is a successful super villain, his father still treats him like he is worthless and insults him at every turn, Maximus stated that growing up, his father constantly teased and taunted him. The reason he is so hard on Maximus is most likely because his own father (Maximus' grandfather, Maximus Sr. Sr.) was mean to him as well.

Auntie Matter

She is Betty's aunt and Beatrixo's sister. The two have an extreme case of sibling rivalry and are always fighting. She has the ability to transform her body into a Black Hole and send all the things she sucks up into her body into deep space, According to her, this power comes from her fathers side of the family, and Beatrixo is more like their mother, who has no powers, she was imprisoned on a distant asteroid until she was accidentally freed, however, Betty and Beatrixo managed to team up and imprison her once again. Betty's mother appears to not have inherited these powers, this may be because they skip a generation, It is not yet known if Betty has inherited these powers either.

The X-Rays

They are a trio of ruffians who were reeking havoc across the galaxy. These include drawing a picture of Admiral DeGill as a woman, stealing candy from babies, vandalizing billboards, stealing ships from Maximus' citadel (especially stealing a Starcruiser from the episode "Best (Mis) Laid Plans" that was already stolen by Maximus), etc. The members names are Plutor, Bubba, and Furball, Plutor, the leader of the X-Rays, appeared to have a crush on Betty, further evidenced as when he and his fellow X-Rays were arrested, Plutor stated that when he got out of detention, he was going to join the Guardians so he and Betty could hang out together much to Betty's displeasure, although his next appearance ("Zulia's New Beau") suggests otherwise.

Queen Penelobee

She became the new queen of the planet Droneopolis when the bee people of this planet made Penelope Lang their new queen after their real queen died. In "Pre-Teen Queen of Outer Space", they kidnapped Penelope in order to make her their new queen, but in the end, Penelope was rescued by Betty and her crew (Penelope thought this was only a dream), but the bee people of Droneopolis had a strand of Penelope's hair, and with a DNA strand from that hair, they combined Penelope's DNA with some of their own and made their own version of Penelope Lang which was half human, half alien bee (in the episode's conclusion) when they failed to rescue her. In its sequel "Bee Movie", Queen Penelobee is looking for a mate by kidnapping all the kings in the galaxy (she wouldn't listen when told that there is no such thing as a king bee). She developed a crush on Sparky when he posed as a king to lead Betty and X-5 to her hive. In the end of the episode, it is seen she still has feelings for Sparky and it is shown that even though she was made from Penelope's DNA, she does not know who Betty is, only that she seems familiar.


He is a villain who got tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes because of his unluckiness. In "Hi-Jinxed" (Jinx's only appearance so far), he tried to prove himself the luckiest being in the galaxy by using a special ray to steal luck from others and use it to become the luckiest being alive.

The Scribe

Whose real name is Milton Scrivener, was a writer who got tired of his readers rejecting his works (Sparky was the only one who liked his works). According to X-5, his works are sub-standard, and therefore only interest species of low-level intelligence (such as Sparky). In "The Scribe" (this episode is named after him), Sparky jeopardized the mission by reading his (Milton Scrivener's) works instead of helping Betty and X-5 fight. He became "The Scribe" when he found a special quill inside of a mystical book in his bookcase. He yearns to become the best (and only) writer in the galaxy by kidnapping other writers and stealing their ideas directly from their minds (victims include Admiral DeGill, Chef Bernadette, K. C. Growling, etc), as "The Scribe" he has the power to fly on his mystic book, imprison others in his book, and fire special energy balls that bring to life the ideas of the authors he kidnapped. In its sequel "Scribe 2: The ReScribing", Milton Scrivener escaped from prison when Sparky handed him a pile of books which accidentally had his powerful book which was to be burned/discarded (Sparky couldn't bear to burn/discard Milton Scrivener's powerful book because he didn't want his works to go to waste). As soon as Milton Scrivener escaped from prison, he was in search for the person who stole his spot as number one writer, romance author Lola Polaris (who is really Zulia), but he failed to capture Zulia when he accidentally dropped his quill after his battle with Betty and X-5, and by the end of the episode, Betty imprisons the Scribe in his own book.


She is a villainous fashion designer who used a special ray gun called the Beauty Bomber to "makeover" everything she considered ugly. These include turning a factory into a fashionable upside-down pyramid, turning a swimming pool into a pool of pink mud, shaving the hair of the hair beasts in the planet of Nexxus 9 (even though they need the hair to survive the cold and snow of their planet), beautifying the planet Crushton in which she describes it as an "orbiting eyesore", forcing everyone to wear mood suits, etc. She attempted to makeover the entire galaxy, but Betty managed to stop her and it was discovered she was really a short ugly alien inside of a fashionable robot suit as it is destroyed when Bombshelle is defeated. Although she is evil, she is seen as one of the judges (the other two being X-5 and Antoine Lucci) in "Galactic Idol". She may be a parody of Helga Von Guggen from "Totally Spies!".


He is an evil genie who lived in a shoe for a thousand years after a magician placed a spell on him. In "Reeking Havoc" (Schmoz' only appearance so far) his shoe was found by Sparky, who was given 3 wishes, for the 1st wish, Sparky wished for something to blow away the stink from Schmoz's shoe, the wish was granted in the form of a huge fan that nearly blew the ship into the sun, the 2nd wish was for a huge worm burger, however, the worms nearly ate the ship, for his final wish, Sparky wished for Schmoz to be free, letting Schmoz do what he wanted, unfortunately, what he wanted was to take revenge on those who made him do their bidding, starting with Admiral Degill, who it turns out, made a wish years ago to become muscular. However, Betty managed to trick him into imprisoning himself inside the shoe once again.

The Collector

A thief who dresses in safari gear and uses a whip as his primary weapon. He also tries to look heroic especially by tricking the guards into believing that Betty and her crew stole the legendary Kalooka-booka Ruby after he and Wrybot stole it and by making Noah do all his dirty work and taking all the credit for it. In "The Collector" (this episode is named after him), he and Wrybot attempt to steal the legendary Kalooka-booka Ruby. In its sequel "Great Eggspectations", he attempts to steal the dragon eggs.


He is The Collector's sarcastic robotic henchman who films his boss' adventures. Wrybot is dissatisfied with his position with The Collector (being that the only reason he is with The Collector was because The Collector beat him in a game of Piraxian tic-tac-toe). Wrybot tries to fight as little as possible ("Sigh! Must we fight everywhere we go") and criticizes his boss' adventures. By the end of "The Collector", he asked Betty and her crew to lock him up in a different wing than The Collector when he and The Collector were arrested by Betty and her crew ("Put me up in a separate wing, AWAY from him (The Collector)"). In "Great Eggspectations", Wrybot is even more dissatisfied with The Collector, complete with bickering, where he had not done so in "The Collector", and is proven that he isn't truly evil and that he only acts evil for The Collector's approval (when The Collector took all the credit for Noah's work, Wrybot gave Noah all the credit for it).


A clone of Admiral DeGill that he created to stand in for him in "Night of The DeGilla Monster" until he could discover who was trying to assassinate him, however, DeGilla went rogue and teamed up with the assassin, who it turns out, was Pontifadora the Conquistadora to run the Galactic Guardians as their own private army. However, Pontifadora betrayed him and left him to die along with Betty and her crew, DeGilla helped them to escape and he took off, stating he would go to a place where he would be appreciated and start up his own army. Due to a malfunction in the cloning machine, DeGilla is much stronger than DeGill and can morph into a much more bigger and muscular version of himself and speaks in a deeper voice in this form. DeGill had originally named the clone DeGill-A, but the clone changed it to DeGilla. DeGilla also has pointed teeth as opposed to DeGill's normal ones.

The Voice

He was a former young singer who wanted to take revenge on the director of the musical academy he attended for insulting his voice, calling it not loud enough and kicking him out. In "No-Hit Wonders" (The Voice's only appearance so far), he tried to use a special ray gun to steal voices of the academy singers and use the loudness of the combined stolen singing voices to bring down the entire building.


He is a former Galactic Guardian who tried to steal Galactic Guardian weaponry for galactic domination, but Admiral DeGill caught him doing the deed. His name is constantly mispronounced/misspelled from Boltar to Zoltar, Koltar, Joltar, Poltar, Schmoltar, etc. In "License DeGill" (Boltar's only appearance so far), he accused DeGill for lying about his heroic deeds in a battle called "The Battle of the Drakus" and managed to temporarily become Admiral, but was testified against by a retired Galactic Guardian named Arkan whom DeGill saved in the battle.


She was Betty's bratty, selfish, lazy, and dishonest rival at her martial arts school who never focused on her training (instead of focusing on her training, she idled her time away playing video games) and cheated on all her tests (the only reason why she gets good grades), especially by copying off Betty during a test. She does not have a very good relationship with Spindly Tam Kanushu and is generally disliked by her peers. She can be best described as the "cool kid" of the martial arts school. She refuses to admit her cheating and laziness and insists that Betty worked some sort of magic on Spindly Tam and stole her Galactic Guardian position from her. In "Case of the Missing Kanushu" (Koreena's only appearance so far) Betty and her crew were called to investigate his fortress to find him after he was kidnapped by Koreena. In the end, she got in trouble with Spindly Tam Kanushu for kidnapping him and for her snobbery and dishonesty. Koreena looks a lot like a feline. Her hair is blue and her fur is white with blue tiger stripes and her eyes are red.

haka Booga

She was apparently a prehistoric witch doctor who tried to devolve civilians into cavemen using a magical powder in "Devolution City", similar to the situation of the third season episode "Head Shrinker Much?" from "Totally Spies!". She attempted to drop her devolution powder into the planets tar pits, thereby causing the planet to devolve into a black hole, thereby sucking up the entire galaxy, and even turned Betty's bracelet primitive, however, she was beaten when Sparky tied her up with his yo-yo which, being already primitive, was not effected by the powder.


She was Paloma's evil twin sister and is one of the twin daughters of Golgotha and the demon, Pandora looks exactly like Paloma, but with purple hair, yellow eyes, and lighter skin, she wears a green cloak and body armor. Long ago, Pandora attempted a galactic takeover, but her evil plot was squashed by the Galactic Guardians after they were tipped off by Paloma, later, at the end of Season 2, Pandora kidnapped Degill, Spindly Tam Kanushu, and Paloma to help free their demon father from his prison, using Paloma's life force combined with the box's key, which was hidden in a ceramic duck Maximus had bought that Pandora stole from him, she was however, beaten by Betty, Juanita, Sparky, X5, Degill, Spindly Tam, and Paloma and sealed up in the box along with her father, never to hurt anyone ever again.


She is an evil witch who possesses a mirror that turns good people into evil witches and bad people into good fairies. The only way to defeat her is by getting her to look at her own reflection.

Reformed Villains

The Betty Clones


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