Vongola Family

Vongola Family

The nihongo|Vongola Family|ボンゴレファミリー|Bongore Famirī, or Vongola Famiglia ("Vongola" means "clam", and "Famiglia" means "family" in Italian), is a fictional Mafia family in the anime and manga series "Reborn!". The Vongola Family is the first Mafia family introduced in the series since the main protagonist, Tsunayoshi Sawada, is being groomed to be the Vongola's tenth generation boss. The Vongola Family hold the status as the leading Mafia family in the series, and is considered to be the strongest and most influential family since the beginning of the Mafia underground.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |authorlink= Akira Amano| title= Reborn!, Vol. 1 |date= October 3 2006 |publisher= Viz Media |language= English |isbn= 1-4215-0671-8 |chapter= Target 1 ] However, in an alternate future, the Vongola Family is revealed to have been overpowered by the Millefiore Family during a worldwide Mafia war, and its remaining members are struggling for survival.__NOTOC__

Early history

Not much is known about the Vongola Family's history, other than it is considered to be a violent and bloody one.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 18 |date= February 2 2008 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874476-6 |chapter= Target 158 ] Also, the first Vongola head, Giotto, started the organization 400 years prior to the start of the series. Since then, the Vongola Family has the held the status as the leading Mafia family, having dozens of other families working for them.

The Vongola Family has also been on the receiving end of secret black ops military technology, which has bolstered their strength over the years.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 16 |date= August 3 2007 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874401-8 |chapter= Target 139 ]

;Battle for the Vongola Rings:The most ancient tradition in the Vongola Family is the battle for the rings, which is used to determine the next generation boss of the Vongola Family and his most trusted inner circle of subordinates. The battle only takes place if the Vongola head and the Outside Advisor chooses two different successors, which is when each ring is split in half. One half of each ring is given to the main competing groups. Bloodshed is usually the result, as one team will win and become the core of the Vongola's next generation.

:In order to be recognized as a legitimate successor to the Vongola Family, both the current boss and the Outside Advisor must recognize the candidates.

;The Trial:The Trial is a test that every future boss is put to. When pushed to their limit and their maximum strength is not enough, they will be tested. The Sky Ring will show them the past sins of the Vongola Family, and the new boss must prove his resolution to inherit these past sins because it is the price they must pay for the power they wish.

:Tsuna is the youngest boss in the family's history to brave the trial.

;Introduction Ceremony:This ceremony is held to transfer power from the previous Vongola boss to the new one. It has only been mentioned in passing by both Xanxus and Iemitsu during the battle for the Vongola Rings.

Mafia wars

Versus Tomaso Family

Even though not much is known about the Vongola Family's history, there are certain aspects of their past that have been revealed. One of which is their former Mafia war against the Tomaso crime family. Ever since the beginning of the Mafia underground, the Tomaso Family have hated the fact that the Vongola Family held the position as the Mafia's leading family, so during the second generation, they waged war against the Vongolas in order to overthrow them.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= Reborn!, Vol. 6 |date= January 1 2008 |publisher= Viz Media |language= English |isbn= 1-4215-1474-5 |chapter= Target 44 ]

The conclusion of the Tomaso versus Vongola Mafia war has never been explicitly stated, however, the Vongola Family continued to be the leading family. As for the status of the Tomaso Family, they too hold a prominent and influential position in the Mafia underground. Though the two families continue to consider the other a rival family, the Tomaso's eighth generation boss, Longchamp Naito, remains ignorant of the families' rivalry, and seems to pursue a friendship with Tsuna, despite his subordinate's constant protests.

Cradle Affair

Eight years before the start of the series, Xanxus lead an internal war against Vongola IX; this became known as the "Cradle Affair". Since he was not Vongola IX's real son, he did not possess the Vongola bloodline, as such, he could not become the boss of the Vongola Family.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 15 |date= May 2 2007 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874355-4 |chapter= Target 134 ] He was further enraged when Vongola IX chose Tsuna as his successor. Xanxus began plotting his takeover, however, he was thoroughly beat by Vongola IX and was given his trademark scars during their battle.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 15 |date= May 2 2007 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874355-4 |chapter= Target 133 ] This internal conflict would again surface when Xanxus tries to take Tsuna's rightful place as the tenth boss of the Vongola Family.

The incident was heavily covered up and only a select few of the Vongola Family's top members are informed of it.

Versus Millefiore Family

The Vongola Family is revealed to have been overtaken by the Millefiore Family in an alternate future. When the war started is a mystery, and where exactly the Millefiore Family came from is also unknown. What is known is that they have taken extreme measures to eliminate the Vongolas, and have done an exceptional job, as the adult Tsuna is revealed to have already died. [cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 16 |date= August 3 2007 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874401-8 |chapter= Target 140 ] Also, the Vongola's main headquarters had been raided and destroyed, and nearly all of the Vongola Rings and special boxes have been stolen, save the main rings which the adult Tsuna destroyed.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 16 |date= August 3 2007 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874401-8 |chapter= Target 141 ] Most of the Vongola Family's members and allies have also been unaccounted for, with no word of whether they have died or are merely taking safe passage and waiting for an opportunity.

The Millefiore's WhiteSpell squad leader, Byakuran, is the cause of all the chaos, and had even aimed to eliminate any potential threats by unleashing a deadly "curse" upon the atmosphere. This caused the Arcobaleno of this future to suffer from deadly radiation, which eventually kills them. Only one Arcobaleno remain, Lal Mirch, who is also a CEDEF member, however, she has already absorbed enough of the radiation to suffer its effects, possibly even enough to kill her in the near future.

During a Millefiore Family meeting, it is revealed that the "ultimate power" and the ability to control the world is what they seek. They plan to obtain this by obtaining the seven Arcobaleno pacifiers, the seven Vongola Rings and the seven Mare Rings. This story of ultimate power is derived from an old story in the Mafia world that dates back to the rings' creation around 400 years ago.


Those who inherit the Vongola bloodline possess certain unique traits. Some traits are consistent, with every Vongola in each generation possessing it, while sometimes it would skip either one or possibly even several generations. One of these traits which carry on in every Vongola is having a sense of heightened intuition, otherwise called "hyper intuition". [cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 09 |date= April 4 2006 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 4-08-874042-4 |chapter= Target 79 ] This trait allows one to have a clearer view on who a person truly is, seeing their true feelings and objectives, as well as predict their movements. This ability works best on living opponents, but can also work against inanimate opponents like robots.

Special weapons and items

Vongola Rings

Seven invaluable rings worn by the seven core members of the Vongola Family. During every new generation, the rings are passed on to the seven next worthy members of the family, proving they belong to the Vongola Family.

During the tenth generation, each of the rings were shown to have been split in half for the 2 groups (Tsuna's family and the Varia; 14 people). Each person who wore half a ring were to battle the opposing member, who wore the corresponding half, in order to become a core member. By the end of the Vongola Tournament, all the rings were in the possession of Tsuna's Family.

During the future, it is revealed that the adult Tsuna had destroyed the Vongola Rings for unknown reasons, but speculation is that he did it in order to prevent further bloodshed.

According to Reborn, when crisis hits the family, the Sky must gather all six of his guardians in order to triumph over the predicament.

Main rings

The rings are capable of emitting a Dying Will Flame; a different colored flame [Note: All the flame colors were revealed in manga chapter 159.] for each of the main rings. The higher the purity of the flame, the more clear it will appear, and the more power it can draw out from the characteristics of its attribute.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 18 |date= February 2 2008 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874476-6 |chapter= Target 159 ]

All the rings have a crest which corresponds to the ring's type of weather. The Ring of Sky, however, only has a clear dome and the Vongola Family crest underneath it.

The characteristics of the first Vongola members are carved into the ringscite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 10 |date= June 2 2006 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 4-08-874110-2 |chapter= Target 86 ] :

(W) = winner
*Ring of the Sky (Orange flame): Worn by the Vongola Boss. The sky; one that colors and engulfs everything. Battle: Tsuna (W) vs. Xanxus"The remaining six rings were portrayed with different kinds of weather that affected the sky:"
*Ring of Rain (Blue flame): The rain; one that washes away everything. Battle: Yamamoto (W) vs. Squalo
*Ring of Storm (Red flame): The wind; one that fiercely blows away everything. Battle: Gokudera vs. Belphegor (W)
*Ring of the Sun (Yellow flame): The sun; one that illuminates the sky. Battle: Ryohei (W) vs. Lissuria
*Ring of Cloud (Purple flame): The floating cloud; one that cannot be caught and goes its own way. Battle: Hibari (W) vs. Gola Moska
*Ring of Mist (Indigo flame): The illusion; one that cannot be captured. Battle: Chrome (W) vs. Mammon
*Ring of Thunder (Green flame): The lightning; one that harshly strikes everything. Battle: Lambo vs. Levi A Than (W)

The characteristics of the individual attributes are as follows:

Other rings

Besides the seven main rings, there are several miscellaneous rings which possess different abilities. Each ring can be categorized into one of the main Vongola Rings (i.e. Ring A is a Sky type, Ring B is a Rain type, Ring C is a Storm type, etc.). Each ring also has a purity grade (the highest being A, however, the main rings have a purity grade of above A, just like the Arcobaleno's pacifiers) in order to determine the power of the ring: the lower the grade, the weaker the power of the ring. The rings also have different flame colors, each one corresponding with the original flame colors of the main rings.


Each ring can also transform into a type of weapon when used with a special box. The idea behind the boxes was to create weapons that were modeled after life forms found in nature. They were created by using the 343 design drawings left by biologist Geppetto Lorenzini four centuries ago. However, at the time, there was no technology to reproduce them, so for a long time, those design drawings had been kept in storage. That is until Innocenti, Koenig, and Verde, three members of the secret society which stored them, rediscovered them. In just five years, they were able to reproduce prototype boxes, which were powered by the rings' flame.cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 18 |date= February 2 2008 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874476-6 |chapter= Target 160 ]

After completing those 343 original boxes, they continued their research, and were eventually able to create new types of boxes. These new type of boxes were designed for preservation, storage, or to hold new weapons that were created by them. Unfortunately, the research took a lot of money, so the scientists sold boxes to the Mafia for low prices in order to continuously fund their research. Eventually, both Verde and Innocenti died, and Koenig, who stayed alive, went underground and even now is said to still be creating them and trading them as an arms dealer.

The boxes are charged by the ring's flame and their attack will stop when the flame dies. However, some boxes, once opened, produce weapons that are surrounded by the flames. There are also types that absorb an opponent's flames to become more powerful, as well as boxes that store flames for later use. The boxes have also been revealed to become more stable when they are customized.

To open a box, three things must harmonize: the user's wave energy, the ring, and the box; the ring's and box's type must match. However, a person possessing the extremely rare sky wave energy enables the user to open any box so long as they hold a sky class ring, but sky attribute boxes have been indicated to also be very rare. A user can have more then one type of wave energy as both Gokudera and Yamamoto have used different types of box weapons.

Little is known about the true purpose of the boxes, but Hibari states that 'coincidence' created the boxes, and that the more he has been investigating them, the deeper the mystery has become.


Dying Will Bullet ("Deathperation Shot" is the Viz translation):*"First used in Volume 01 – Target 001":*Belongs to the Vongola Family.

:When shot with the "Dying Will Bullet", the target is filled with grief about their dying wish and is instantly revitalized with temporary increased strength, speed, energy, and courage. When the effect is done, the person is returned to normal as if they were never shot. It basically removes the body's limiters, making a person's abilities increase. When they are shot, the person is considered to be in their "Dying Will Mode" (Viz translation is "Deathperation").

:However, if an individual is shot with the Dying Will Bullet, yet have no regrets upon dying, they will remain dead as if shot by a normal bullet, as they are already prepared to die.

:The term "Deathperation Shot" actually applies to the effect if the Vongola magical bullet strikes the user in the forehead, and in the anime, the bullets were colored red to emphasize this. If the bullet is shot anywhere else, a different name and effect takes place:

:* Jump Shot (Leg): The target's legs become super strong and allow the user to leap at superhuman heights. This is the only shot Tsuna was hit with that he was not in Deathperation in the first place. In the anime, these bullets are colored blue.:* Megaton Shot (Arm): The target's arm becomes super strong to the point they can crack the ground with a single punch.:* Heatproof Skin Shot (Spine): This makes the user's skin able to resist fire and explosions.:* The Spring Shot (Scalp): The target forms a giant hair out of the top of their head that can be used to spring them off the ground in situations such as falling.:* Iron Stomach Shot (Belly Button): The target's stomach is able to safely eat anything, even if its poisoned.:* The Foot Propeller Shot (Heel): The target's feet can spin 360 degrees like a propeller, allowing them to swiftly move through water.:* Niramekko Shot (Cheeks): When both cheeks are shot, the magical bullet causes them both to swell to a huge size. "Niramekko" is a staring game in Japan where both players try to make each other laugh and the loser is the one who laughs first. :* Clenched Fists Shot (Fists): When both fists are shot, the bullet causes the fists to swell to a huge size. In the anime, these bullets are colored light green.:* Hair Growth Shot (Left side of face): The hair grows fast causing suffocation.

;Dying Will Bullet Battle Version:*"First used in Volume 15 - Target 127":*Created by Fabio a.k.a. Vongola VII. It was specially modified for battle use.

:This bullet is actually a specially modified Dying Will Bullet, which is used by both Vongola VII and Xanxus, in combination with a hand gun. The bullet has the special property of being able to temporarily compress the user's Dying Will Flame. The seventh boss found that even with his weak flame, he was able to achieve immeasurable power by compressing it in the bullet.

;Rebuke Bullet:*"First used in Volume 09 – Target 078":*Created by Reborn's pet, Leon. It was specially made for :Tsuna, due to his growth as Reborn's student.

:When shot by the "Rebuke Bullet", a person is able to hear people's rebukes (criticism by others). Also, rather than removing a person's body limiters externally, it awakens their hidden willpower; internally removing their body limiters. It also removes the limiters on a person's internal senses. Although, unlike the Dying Will Bullet, the Rebuke Bullet allows a person to apply their strength more calmly and wisely. They conserve energy and accurately expel it against others in a sharper manner.


*"First used in Volume 09 – Target 078"
*Created by Reborn's pet, Leon. It was specially made for Tsuna, due to his growth as Reborn's student.At first, it appears to be a simple pair of white, wool mittens with the number 27 stitched onto it, but when used with the Dying Will Flame, it changes into a pair of black gloves with an 'X' engraved onto it, which represents the number '10' in Roman numerals. It is made out of the same material as the Dying Will Bullets and can ignite the Dying Will Flame without the help of the bullet, increasing Tsuna's strength even more. It can also use the flame as a speed booster when the flames from the gloves are instantly released, causing him to thrust towards his desired direction.

:;Version Vongola Ring:These special items were introduced after Tsuna's otherworldly visit from the previous heads of the Vongola Family. This version of the X-Gloves removes the "X" logo and replaces them with an ornate material similar to the material found in the Sky Ring. The Ver. V.R X-Gloves bestows upon the wearer a substantial degree of power and intensifies their Dying Will Flame.-

Mafia battle suit

The Mafia battle suit is a gift given to Tsuna by Reborn in anticipation of his battle with Xanxus during the Vongola Tournament. The suit was made to look just like Tsuna's school uniform in order to lessen his anxiety about looking like a Mafia member. The suit itself was woven from special fibers that were spun inside Leon's body, and can therefore withstand the intense heat of the Dying Will Flame. Tsuna's vest is made ten times thicker for his battle with Xanxus.

Reborn's suit and the shirts Tsuna and the others wear during their assault on the Millefiore's base in Japan are also made of the same material.

Wireless communicator

Wireless headsets created by Gainnini. The communicators simultaneously scramble both the transmitting and receiving signals, making them impossible to break. The scrambling frequencies are synchronized so the users have clear and crisp quality transmissions.

Tsuna's communicator is larger and contains a holographic projection system that allows him to visually communicate with people who have access to it.

Mammon chain

Mammon developed this chain to mask the unique energy emitted by both the Vongola rings and the Arcobaleno pacifiers. Giannini later modifies the unique metal the chain is made of to create a ring cover, which covers the Vongola rings when they are not in use, in order to avoid detection by the enemy.

Moska Robots

Both the Gola Moska and the later Strau Moska units are used by the Vongola Family. They are top secret Italian defense robots that were sold to the Vongola on the black market. Iemitsu comments that the units were most likely not meant to battle against humans, but rather for battle against other machines of war.

In the future, the Millefiore also uses the Strau line.


Being the world's most powerful and influential mafia family, the Vongola Family has many bases and safe houses around the world. However, most of which have been destroyed by the Millefiore Family in the future.

;Main compound:The main Vongola compound is located in Italy. Very little about it has been said and it has only been seen once. It is a large home, almost castle-like in appearance, and seems to be well fortified. The inner parts of the castle are filled with many passages, secret rooms, and doors to hide the Vongola Family's secrets. In the future, the base has been attacked by the Millefiore Family and has either been destroyed or, more likely, has been taken as a trophy of the Vongola Family's defeat by Byakuran and the Millefiore Family.

;CEDEF base:This a small base that the CEDEF used, specifically Iemitsu and his subordinates. It was found and destroyed by the Varia and only 6 people escaped.

;Tsuna's potential family hideout:When Reborn insisted that Tsuna's "family" acquire themselves a hideout, he figured that Namimori Middle School's reception room was a perfect location: it has good leather furniture, a good view, and is located in an excellent geographic location. Unfortunately, Kyoya Hibari and the disciplinary committee uses it as their headquarters and refuses to give it to them. However, the adult Tsuna did succeed in turning the school into a base in the future.

;Tsuna's base (alternate timeline):This base is an important military asset to the Vongola Family, and its construction was therefore rushed. Tsuna ordered its construction sometime in the future and ensured its completion and security. The base has six entrances, each of which are well guarded, hidden from plain sight, and requires voice and fingerprint IDs to open. The first entrance is in the forest, possibly just outside of the city. The second entrance is hidden in the remains of a factory in block 5.

:Security in the base also includes video surveillance of the surface and a disruption barrier which has not as of yet been fully explained. The base is located underneath Namimori Middle School and is furnished in a very affluent and lavish manor. The base is fully equipped with a kitchen, large conference rooms, one of which has a radar system that is similar to the Millefiore's radar, a reference room, and an entire level converted into a dojo for training. There is also a special training room built by adult Gokudera called the Storm Room, which simulates a desert storm, complete with its poor footholds and vision. Yamamoto also appears to have a special training room that is decorated as a dojo. The base also has a state of the art medical center that the adult Tsuna had insisted upon having.

:When the base was built, they had to avoid underground public areas, so the rooms are in different shapes and sizes. The base is about 1.5 times the size of the San Siro stadium in Italy. To avoid detection, the base is powered by geothermal generators. The base consists of 16 levels.

:The base also has an unused space that was to be used as a warehouse. It resides in an empty section of the factory district about 2 kilometers away from the main part of the base. The warehouse and the rest of the base has the ability to seal holes in its structure.

:The base is also mentioned to have several residences.

;The Foundation base (alternate timeline):This base is used by the Vongola unit called "The Foundation", which is founded by Hibari. It is located in conjunction with Tsuna's base. They have a common door inside, but it usually remains closed as Hibari likes his privacy. The only entrance shown is camouflaged due to the power of one or more Mist rings. The base seems to be centered around Namimori Shrine and the surrounding sakura trees. The base also appears to be decorated in traditional Japanese fashion and conforms to Hibari's personal tastes


Vongola bosses

Timoteo a.k.a. Vongola IX (Nono)

The current head of the Vongola crime family. His age is unknown, but it is implied that he is becoming too weak to lead the family, which is why he searches for his successor. It is revealed that he has been plagued with problems concerning his legs, thereby limiting his mobility. [cite book |last= Amano |first= Akira |title= 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 13 |date= January 4 2007 |publisher= Shueisha |language= Japanese |isbn= 978-4-08-874301-1 |chapter= Target 113 ]

He accepted Iemitsu's son, Tsuna, as the next head of the Vongola Family, but a fake IX that replaced him decided that Xanxus was more worthy to become the next boss. Not realizing this IX was a fake, Iemitsu argued, wanting Tsuna to become the 10th boss. Thus, the fake IX sanctioned the traditional Vongola battle; those who wield the same ring will have a one-on-one battle. The real IX was kidnapped by Xanxus, who had placed him within Gola Moska, draining him of his life energy. When Tsuna sliced Gola Moska's armor in half, the IX was able to use his flame to show Tsuna his past; the IX used to visit Tsuna when he was just a child.

In the future, he has been unaccounted for since the Millefiore Family raided the main Vongola headquarters. During Tsuna's training within Hibari's spiked ball, he appears in a vision with the other Vongola heads and is shown with a flaming scepter, his signature Dying Will Flame weapon. Seeing him in the vision causes Tsuna to believe that he may be dead. Like Tsuna and the first, the IX also knows how to use the Zero Point Breakthrough, using it to stop Xanxus' rebellion during the Cradle incident.

The Vongola IX's stamp is the Dying Will Flame; he marks documents with his flame, proving they are official.

Tsunayoshi Sawada a.k.a. Vongola X (Decimo)

Tsuna has been named the true successor of Vongola IX by the ninth himself, and was also supported by the head of the CEDEF, Iemitsu, his own father. Tsuna then proves his worth as the tenth boss by defeating Xanxus, and winning the battle for the Vongola Rings, as per family tradition. In the future, Tsuna undergoes "The Trial", which is an ancient tradition that each Vongola boss undergoes. After showing his resolve, Tsuna is recognized as the true Vongola X by the former bosses of the Vongola Family.

Although, since Timoteo believes he can still continue to run the Vongola Family for a while longer, Tsuna has yet to take power as the tenth boss during his current time.

In the alternate future, Tsuna is revealed to have died. However, he was revered as a great boss, as his prowess in battle and his dedication to his family were known throughout the Mafia world.

The Varia

The Varia is supposedly the Vongola Family's elite, independent assassination team. They are composed of genius assassins who work in the deepest recesses of the Mafia. Each member takes on missions that are said to be impossible to accomplish by humans, however, they do not accept a mission unless they believe there is a 90% chance of success. Those that see them work often say that their high level assassination skills are demonic. Despite lacking loyalty and respect for other members, they are extremely loyal to their leader, Xanxus. The Varia also appear to have more than fifty subordinates ranged under the command of the main members. The Varia is apparently reclusive, only showing themselves after Iemitsu Sawada disappeared.

In the future, Byakuran expresses concern that the Varia will wreck his plans and aide Tsuna. The Varia were apparently responsible for the murders in the Millefiore Family's 11th Viola Squad.

They have a special code used in the family that consists of rows and commas: it is known as the assassin's code.

Each of their names and/or major character traits coincide with one of the seven deadly sins.


Leader of the Varia and Vongola IX's apparent son. He is both respected and feared by his subordinates. In order to retrieve the Vongola rings, he went to Japan, to kill Tsuna and his 'family'.

Being the leader of the Varia, Xanxus is extremely powerful. In addition to his superior physical and mental strength that exceed those of most regular humans, Xanxus also possesses a destructive Dying Will Flame called the "Flame of Wrath". Xanxus also has two guns, utilizing a technique originally developed by Vongola VII, that combines his flame with Dying Will Bullets.

According to Squalo, despite not being born into the Vongola Family, a young Xanxus was already able to use the Dying Will Flame and had an intuition that rivaled that of one who did possess the bloodline. His mother, who was an ordinary citizen in Italy, went delusional when she saw his flames, believing that he was the IX's child. Xanxus was taken in by the IX, and loved him as if he really was his son. He became spoiled and grew to have a terrible temper. When Xanxus found out that he was not the IX's son, and that someone without the Vongola bloodline cannot become the next boss, he started hating the IX and began to plot his downfall. After realizing that the IX was going to appoint Tsuna as the next boss, he went berserk. Later, in the coup d'etat known as the "Cradle Affair", Xanxus is defeated by the IX, receives his trademark burns, and frozen in ice for many years.

After he awakens, he kidnaps the IX, places him within Gola Moska's armor, and uses the Ring Tournament as an excuse to kill off Tsuna's guardians and take control of Vongola. When Tsuna destroys Gola Moska, he blames him for killing the IX, and pretends to avenge him. Though Tsuna defeats Xanxus in battle, Bel and Mammon try to initiate a Plan B by collecting the rings and reviving Xanxus to give him the ultimate power of the Vongola, however, the ring rejects him since he does not have Vongola blood, stopping his ambition once and for all.

According to Lissuria his birthday is October 10. Xanxus appears to represent the sin of wrath.

uperbia Squalo

Squalo was the first Varia member to be revealed, having been sent by Xanxus to retrieve the half Vongola rings from Basil in Japan. While he easily completed his mission, the rings were revealed to be fakes and Squalo suffers from humiliation and the desire for revenge against Tsuna's family.

As a student, Squalo was a gifted swordsman and able to read forms easily while perfecting his own style. Squalo was actually the next candidate for Varia leadership, after defeating its leader Tyr, who held the title as 'Sword Emperor'. After his fight with Tyr, he cut off his own left hand to better understand Tyr, who did not have a left hand. As such, Squalo has an artificial hand in its place which can flip into very severe angles, as to make up for his blind spots in sword-fighting. He later reveals that he submitted to Xanxus due to his "fury" and ambition. Squalo has also not cut his hair since pledging to make Xanxus the next head of the Vongola Family.

During the Vongola Tournament, he becomes the holder of the Ring of Rain, thus battling Yamamoto in an area with water. Yamamoto wins in the end and becomes the rightful holder of the Ring of Rain. Squalo appeared to be eaten by a shark after losing the battle, however, Dino had apparently rescued him and had him undergo emergency surgery, in order to get Squalo to reveal secret information on Xanxus.

In the future, Squalo appears alongside Belphegor in an encoded video for Tsuna and his family. He warns them not to move from their current location and that instructions will be arriving shortly."家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!" manga chapter 166.] Later, in a video that Reborn shows Yamamoto, Squalo is shown to have continuously fought 100 battles in order to secure his title as the 'Second Sword Emperor', which took place shortly after the end of the Vongola Tournament. It was discovered that Squalo sent an extra video, making it 101 battles, since he did not count the fight with Genkishi. Squalo had sent the adult Yamamoto a video after each battle for boasting rights and also as a way to draw him back to the sword.

In an omake, Lissuria claims that his birthday is March 13. Squalo represents the sin of pride (Superbia in Latin).


A martial arts master who is the Varia's candidate for Guardian of the Sun during the Vongola Tournament. His favored style is Muay Thai, which he claims is the best of all martial arts in the world and his only weapon-like feature is his knee, which is covered with a steel plate, making it ideal for defense. He battles Ryohei in a brightly lit boxing ring, and initially has the advantage as he habitually wears sunglasses, but Ryohei destroys the lights and defeats Lissuria by striking his metal knee with his Maximum Cannon. He is then shot by Gola Moska, as the rest of the Varia assume his loss. However, Lissuria is revealed to be still alive during the Sky match and is given the antidote from Ryohei.

He is also briefly seen in the future on the DVD that Squalo gave to Yamamoto.

Lissuria's name refers to the sin of lust in Italian (Luxuria in Latin). This is apt as he immediately declares that Ryohei is just his type upon meeting him, but prefers his dates to be unmoving corpses. The rest of the Varia comment on what bad luck that is and how rare for Lissuria to actually find a man that is to his liking.

Levi A Than

Known as 'Levi' for short, he is the captain of the attack team that was sent by Xanxus to retrieve the rings from Tsuna and his family. It is said that his speed in accomplishing his work is the best in the Varia. He is also extremely loyal to Xanxus and does not care about promotions. He carries eight sword-like umbrellas called parabolas on his back, which are each capable of discharging electricity, and can be shot from Levi's holster. His only named attack, "Levi Volta", suspends all eight parabolas around a target and simultaneously discharges.

He was chosen as the holder of the Ring of Thunder, thus battling Lambo in an arena containing satellite dishes that could discharge high amounts of electricity. Though Levi had no problem defeating the 5 and 15-year-old Lambos, he was easily outmatched by the 25-year-old Lambo. Even so, Lambo eventually reverted back to his 5-year-old self before being able to finish him off. As Levi prepared to deliver the final blow to the unconscious Lambo, Tsuna, with his Hyper Dying Will, saves him in the last second. However, since Tsuna intervened, Levi won the right to Ring of Thunder, along with Xanxus winning the right to the Ring of the Sky. He later participates in the Sky battle hoping to finish Lambo off, but Gokudera finds him first and defeats him. Levi represents the sin of envy. 'Leviathan' is the demon of envy in Goetic scripture.


Born on December 22, and nicknamed Bel or "Prince the Ripper", Belphegor competes with Hayato Gokudera to be the rightful holder of the Ring of Storm. He is said to root from a royal family, and is the 'genius' of the Varia, displaying both combat and tactical skills. Knives and wires are his choice of weapons. Bel murdered his twin brother, Ba'al, when he was young, stating that he "mistook him for a cockroach." Upon seeing his own blood, Bel's power surges because it reminds him of the thrill of killing his brother.

Though Gokudera wins against Bel, Gokudera ultimately chooses to forfeit his ring and escape from explosives rather than die for it, making Bel the winner of their match. He later participates in the Sky battle where Bel faces off against Hibari and manages to wound him before teaming with Mammon to incapacitate Gokudera and Yamamoto by holding Chrome hostage, but both are interrupted by Ryohei. He later leads a Plan B in reviving Xanxus after his defeat by Tsuna, but the plan backfires. He then surrenders when he realizes that he is outnumbered and outmatched.

In the future, Belphegor appears alongside Squalo in an encoded video for Tsuna and his family.

Bel represents the sin of sloth. 'Belphegor' is the demon of sloth in Goetic scripture.

Gola Moska

Sold to the Varia on the black market by the Italian government, Gola Moska is a killing machine powered by the life of a human. It wore the Ring of Cloud, and therefore it battled Hibari, but it was easily defeated with one strike. After their battle, it began to rampage at full power attacking the remaining guardians with missiles, but Tsuna then arrived and used his flame to block the attacks. When Tsuna sliced it in half, it was revealed to have been powered by Vongola IX.

In the future, the Millefiore Family uses similar machines like Gola Moska as scouts.

'Mosca' means fly in Italian. Also, Gola represents the sin of gluttony; 'Gola' means glutton in Italian.


Mammon represents the sin of greed. 'Mammon' is also the name of an ancient Hebrew demon of greed and money, and also means "riches" in Hebrew.


Tyr was the head of the Varia before Xanxus and was also the first Sword Emperor, who was known as a great man who was justly feared. He lost his place as the Varia's leader, and presumably his life, when he was defeated by Squalo. Apparently, he also had no left hand.

Tyr's name is a reference to the Norse God Tyr who lost his hand to Fenrir.

Tsuna's family (Seven Guardians)

Tsuna's family consists of Hayato Gokudera, Takeshi Yamamoto, Ryohei Sasagawa, Lambo, Kyoya Hibari and Chrome Dokuro/Mukuro Rokudo. Apart from Tsuna, who possesses the Vongola blood, the rest of the "family" was initially not part of the Vongola Family. It is only until they won the traditional Vongola Tournament that they earned the right to be the Vongola's tenth generation Seven Guardians, each possessing a Vongola Ring.




A young operative for the Vongola Family. He first meets Tsuna and Reborn when pretending to be a burglar. Reborn later tells Tsuna that he is a "heart-stopper", meaning he can stop his heart at any given time, making it look like he was dead.

He later assists the CEDEF when they search for the IX in the Vongola headquarters.-


Giannini is the son of Gianiichi, and part of a family who has provided weapons' tuner for the Vongola for many years. He admits his skills are less than his father's, but that is a gross understatement; his "modifications" make all the weapons far less useful. He travels inside a round mechanical machine, but does not seem to do so anymore in the future.

He seemingly becomes useful in the future, as he is the one who built a barrier at the entrance of adult Tsuna's base, and does overhauls of the base's systems, and invents several other useful gadgets for Tsuna and his family. However, he still retains a bit of his old clumsy personality.-

Affiliated organizations


Members of the "Consulenza Esterna Della Famiglia" (Italian for "External Advisors of the Family") are unofficial members of the Vongola Family. They hold a very important position in the family's structure; the CEDEF leader helps the Vongola's current boss choose the family's next boss. During the Vongola Family's times of crisis, the CEDEF leader becomes the family's second-in-command.

Iemitsu Sawada

Tsuna's father, who supposedly works at oil fields, and rarely sees his family. Iemitsu is the great-great grandson of the first Vongola boss. Tsuna believes him to be a loser father who has nothing to do with the Mafia, but Iemitsu is actually the "Outside Advisor", which is the second highest position, second only to the Vongola boss, when family crises arise. After the fake Vongola IX chose Xanxus as his successor, Iemitsu, who wants Tsuna to become the next boss, protested. He traveled around the world while he waited for the IX's reply.

He returned to Japan, bringing with him the real halves of the Vongola Rings, using Basil, his subordinate and disciple, as a decoy to distract the Varia's attention. He would later secretly watch over the training of Tsuna and his family. During the Vongola Tournament, Iemitsu went to Italy with his subordinates to verify his suspicions of the IX's death, but instead found out that the IX that has been giving orders was a fake.

In the future, Iemitsu and his wife are mentioned to be vacationing in Italy.

Iemitsu usually carries a pickaxe around. He was also once known as the Vongola's "Young Lion".


Iemitsu's disciple and subordinate, Basil is a boy who can control the Dying Will Flame, though his is the blue, rain attribute flame. He can go into Dying Will Mode when he consumes special pills made by his master, who happens to be Tsuna's father, Iemitsu. Due to being strictly trained since early childhood, he is a very talented fighter. Basil also has a habit of speaking in an archaic manner; usually replacing 'you', 'the', and 'I', with 'thou', 'thee', and 'thy', and refers to Tsuna and the guardians with the suffix '-dono'.

Unbeknownst to Basil, in order for Iemistu to safely deliver the real halves of the Vongola rings to Japan, he was sent to deliver the fake Vongola Rings to Tsuna. During this, he encountered Superbia Squalo, and is subsequently beat. Even though he was used as a decoy, he remains extremely loyal to Iemitsu. He would later help train Tsuna in order to help him control the Dying Will Flame.

After the Vongola Tournament, before he left for Italy, Basil gave Tsuna a bottle of pills that, when swallowed, achieves the same effect as that of the Rebuke Bullet.

Lal Mirch


Cervello is an organization whose representatives consist of women who all seem to look exactly the same and whose names are not known. Under the IX's direct orders, they are proclaimed as the judges for the ring battles. However, by the end of the Vongola Tournament, it is revealed that the IX they received orders from was a fake.

In the future, they are revealed to be working for the Millefiore Family. They appear to be part of the White Spell and are working under or in conjunction with Shoichi Irie.

The name Cervello can be translated as 'brain'.


The Foundation is an organization created by Kyoya Hibari in order to gather information on the "ultimate power". Its members are former members of Namimori High's Discplinary Committee.

Kusakabe Tetsuya

Kusakabe is Hibari's subordinate, who remains loyal to him from his days in the Disciplinary Committee to the events in the future, where he is a member of Hibari's unit, "The Foundation". During his days in the Disciplinary Committee, he wears a uniform and the committee arm band with pride. In the future, he dresses in a slick black suit, which is formal Mafia clothing. In both times, he wears his hair in a pompadour. He participates in the raiding of the Millefiore Family's main base.


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