Nuclear power in China

Nuclear power in China

As of 2008, the People's Republic of China (not including Taiwan) has 11 nuclear power reactors spread out over 4 separate sites. While this puts it at 12th in the world currently for power production by nuclear, it has one of the most ambitious programs in the world with plans to have over 70 GWe (5%) of installed capacity by 2020, and a further increase to more than 250 GW (16%) by 2030 (the largest nuclear power user in the world today, the USA, has around 98 GW of capacity). [ cite web
title= China ups targeted nuclear power share from 4% to 5% for 2020
date= 2008-08-05 |work= | publisher= Xinhua News Agency
accessdate= 2008-08-13

As electric demand is growing very rapidly, coal capacity has also been on a sharp upturn. [ [ China's Coal Addiction Causing Environmental Disaster ] ]

Operating and ordered reactors include a variety of foreign technology, including some of the most advanced designs today such as the AP1000. China entered in negotiations in 2007 with the French company Areva concerning the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR), third generation reactors. There are also plans to develop a domestic program to become self-sufficient in reactor design and construction, as well as other parts of the fuel cycle, though they currently operate off of Uranium imports.

In 2008, Westinghouse Electric Co., maker of the AP1000, announced that China wants to have 100 nuclear reactors in operation or under construction by 2020. "It is huge," said Westinghouse CEO Aris Candris. "Originally we were thinking somewhere around 40." [cite news
title= China wants 100 Westinghouse reactors
last= Pfister | first= Bonnie | date= 2008-06-28 | work= Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
accessdate= 2008-07-25

China is involved in the development of fusion reactors through its participation in the ITER project.

Major nuclear power plants under construction

French relations

On November 27, 2007 the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy sealed a deal worth a total of 8 billion euros ($11.86 billion) to supply two European Pressurized Reactors (Areva's design) and about 10 years worth of fuel (2014 through 2026) after they are built. The deal was a record for the international nuclear power industry. Along with the deal, a large Airbus contract (around $17 billion) was solidified and talks over fiscal policy and the strength of the currency happened. The construction of the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant started in 2008.

EDF will finance 30% of the deal and maintain a stake in the plant. Also, CGNPC (a Chinese nuclear industry company) agreed to buy 35% of UraMin, a French mining operation in Africa.

Additionally, Areva and China National Nuclear Corp agreed to research the feasibility of building a nuclear reprocessing facility in China. If the project is undertaken, it would add around another 15 billion euros to the deal. There was also an agreement to create a joint venture in zirconium (a nuclear fuel cladding material). [ [ Reuters. UPDATE 2-France's Areva seals record 8 bln euro China deal] .]


*China National Nuclear Corporation - oversees all aspects of China's civilian and military nuclear programs
*China Nuclear International Uranium Corporation - Government owned spin-off focused on procuring foreign sources of Uranium


* [ Nuclear power in China] — World Nuclear Association

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