Science and Encyclopaedia Publishing Institute

Science and Encyclopaedia Publishing Institute

The Science and Encyclopaedia Publishing Institute ( _lt. Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos institutas (MELI)) is a Lithuanian publishing house that issues encyclopedias, reference works, books, monographs, and dictionaries. The Institute, headquartered in Vilnius, is supported by the Lithuanian Republic's Ministry of Education and Science.

The publishing house was established in 1997, as a reorganisation of Science and Encyclopaedia Publishers. The latter publishing house was founded in 1992 after the merger of Mokslas Publishing with State Encyclopaedia Publishers.

The principal goal of the institute is the completion of the 20-volume Universal Lithuanian Encyclopaedia; as of 2007, 11 volumes had been completed. It also publishes several specialized encyclopedias, standard and specialized dictionaries, reference books, research monographs focusing on social science, natural science, and technology, scientific works by international authors, and popular science books.

Major publications

* "Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija" (Universal Lithuanian Encyclopedia)
* "Mažosios Lietuvos enciklopedija" (Encyclopaedia of Lithuania Minor) (4 vols.)
* "Muzikos enciklopedija" (Encyclopaedia of Music) (3 vols.)
* "Technikos enciklopedija" (Technical Encyclopaedia) (4 vols.)
* "Žemės ūkio enciklopedija" (Encyclopaedia of Agriculture) (3 vols.)
* "Baltų religijos ir mitologijos šaltiniai" (The Origins of Baltic Religions and Mythology) (4 vols.)
* "Lietuvių vardų kilmės žodynas" (Etymological Dictionary of Lithuanian Names)
* "Senoji Europa" (Old Europe) by Marija Gimbutas
* "Vokiečių – lietuvių kalbų žodynas" (German-Lithuanian Dictionary)
* "Rusų – lietuvių kalbų žodynas" (Russian-Lithuanian Dictionary)
* "The History of the Lithuanian language" by Zigmas Zinkevičius

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