Elections in Syria

Elections in Syria

Elections in Syria gives information on election and election results in Syria.

Syria elects on national level a head of state - the president - and a legislature. The People's Council ("Majlis al-Sha'ab") has 250 members elected for a four year term in 15 multi-seat constituencies, in which 167 seats are guaranteed for the National Progressive Front. Syria is a single-party state. This means that only one political party, the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party is legally allowed to hold effective power. Although minor parties are allowed, they are legally required to accept the leadership of the dominant party and are member of the front. The presidential candidate is appointed by the parliament and needs to be confirmed for a seven year term in a referendum. The last referendum was at 10 July 2000.

During the French Mandate and after the independence the parliamentary elections in Syria have been held under a system similar to the Lebanese one, with fixed representation for every religious community, including Druzes and Alawis. In 1949 the system was modified and only the Christian minority (composed of Arabs, Armenians and Assyrians) benefited from reserved seats. [Albert H. Hourani, Minorities in the Arab World, London, Oxford University Press, 1947 ISBN 0404164021] [Claude Palazzoli, La Syrie - Le rêve et la rupture, Paris, Le Sycomore, 1977 ISBN 2862620025] [Nikolaos Van Dam, The Struggle For Power in Syria: Politics and Society Under Asad and the Ba'th Party, London, Croom Helm, 1979 ISBN 1860640249]

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