Elections in Northern Ireland

Elections in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland elects on a provincial level a legislature. The Northern Ireland Assembly has 108 members, elected in 18 six-member constituencies with the single transferable vote method.

There are also local government and European Union elections, which also use the single transferable vote electoral system, and Westminster elections, which use the first-past-the-post electoral system.

Northern Ireland-wide elections

=Elections to the Northern Ireland House of Commons=

*Northern Ireland general election, 1921
*Northern Ireland general election, 1925
*Northern Ireland general election, 1929
*Northern Ireland general election, 1933
*Northern Ireland general election, 1938
*Northern Ireland general election, 1945
*Northern Ireland general election, 1949
*Northern Ireland general election, 1953
*Northern Ireland general election, 1958
*Northern Ireland general election, 1962
*Northern Ireland general election, 1965
*Northern Ireland general election, 1969

Ad-hoc elections

*Northern Ireland assembly elections, 1973
*Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention elections, 1975
*Northern Ireland assembly elections, 1982
*Northern Ireland Forum elections, 1996

Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly

*Northern Ireland Assembly Election, 1998
*Northern Ireland Assembly Election, 2003
*Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2007

Local elections

See UK local election pages - particularly:

*United Kingdom local elections, 1973
*United Kingdom local elections, 1977
*United Kingdom local elections, 1981
*United Kingdom local elections, 1985
*United Kingdom local elections, 1989
*United Kingdom local elections, 1993
*United Kingdom local elections, 1997
*United Kingdom local elections, 2001
*United Kingdom local elections, 2005

The next local elections will be held in 2011, postponed from 2009. [ [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/northern_ireland/7367253.stm BBC NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | NI local elections are postponed ] ]

ee also

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* [http://psephos.adam-carr.net/countries/n/northernireland/ Adam Carr's Election Archive]
* [http://www.parties-and-elections.de/nireland.html Parties and elections]
* [http://www.ark.ac.uk/elections Northern Ireland Elections]

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