Elections in Malta

Elections in Malta

Malta elects on a national level the executive -(in essence, the political party the leader of which becomes Prime Minister, responsible for appointing the Ministers from among elected Members), legislature and 6 MEPs representing Malta in the European Parliament.

The House of Representatives ("Il-Kamra tar-Raprezentanti") has 65 members, elected for a five year term in 13 5-seat constituencies with a possibility of rewarding bonus members for the popular largest party which doesn't succeed in getting absolute majority in parliament.

The president is elected for a five year term by the parliament. Malta uses single transferable vote to elect its MP/MEP and local councilors. Even though transferable preferences should help third parties since independence the Maltese electorate has consistently voted in two dominant political parties and effectively created a two party system.

Malta has the highest non-compulsory General Election voting turnout in the world. It has the 2nd highest overall voting turnout in the world - Australia being the most country in which the people turn out to vote due to compulsory voting procedures.

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