Triangulation (disambiguation)

Triangulation (disambiguation)

Triangulation refers to measurement by using triangles. The term "triangulation" may also refer to:

Mathematics and computer science

*Subdivisions of spaces into triangles or higher dimensional simplices:
**triangulation (advanced geometry), division of the Euclidean plane into triangles and of Euclidean spaces into simplices
**polygon triangulation, division of a polygon into triangles
**point set triangulation, division of the convex hull of a point set into triangles using only that set as triangle vertices
**triangulation (topology), generalizations to topological spaces other than R"d"
* In graph theory:
**Maximal planar graphs are sometimes called "triangulations," and a maximal planar supergraph of a graph "G" may be called a triangulation of "G".
**Chordal graphs are sometimes called "triangulated graphs." As in the planar case, if a graph "G" is a subgraph of a chordal graph "H", "H" may be called a triangulation of "G".
*A triangulated category is a category defined by a set of axioms involving triangles of arrows.
*Triangulation (computer vision) refers to the computation of a 3D point given its projection onto two, or more, images.

Other fields

* Triangulation (chess), a tactical maneuver in which the king moves in a triangle to force an enemy pawn to move
* Triangulation (family dynamics), a phenomenon described in some dysfunctional families
* Triangulation (politics), the act of a candidate presenting his or her ideology as "above and between" the left and right side of the political spectrum
* Triangulation (social science), the use of multiple cross-checked sources and methodology

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