Ancyra (genus)

Ancyra (genus)

:"for the modern version of the ancient city name Ancyra, see AnkaraTaxobox
name = "Ancyra"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Insecta
ordo = Hemiptera
superfamilia = Fulgoroidea
familia = Eurybrachyidae
genus = "Ancyra"
genus_authority = White, 1845
subdivision_ranks = species
subdivision ="A. annamensis" Schmidt, 1908
"A. appendiculata" White, 1845

Members of the southeast Asian planthopper genus "Ancyra" are well-known for having a pair of prolonged filaments at the tips of the forewings that arise near a pair of small glossy spots; this creates the impression of a pair of antennae, with corresponding "eyes" (a remarkable case of automimicry) [Wickler, W. 1968. Mimicry in plants and animals. McGraw-Hill, New York] . The "false head" effect is further reinforced by the bugs' habit of walking backwards when it detects movement nearby, so as to misdirect predators to strike at its rear, rather than at its actual head.


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