Folha de S. Paulo

Folha de S. Paulo

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name = Folha de S.Paulo

caption = The October 22, 2006 front page of "Folha de S.Paulo".
type = Daily newspaper
format = Broadsheet
foundation = 1921
owners = Grupo Folha
political = Liberal
headquarters = Al. Barão de Limeira, 425
São Paulo, Brazil
editor = Otavio Frias Filho
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"Folha de S.Paulo" is a Portuguese language newspaper published in São Paulo. It is Brazil's largest circulation since 2006, representing the development of the communication media in Brazil. [ Octavio Frias de Oliveira] Today's largest circulation daily en] . The newspaper has been under the sole ownership of the Brazilian Frias de Oliveira family since 1962.
"Folha de S.Paulo" took a major part during the many changes that occurred within the Brazilian society while under the dictatorship period. With the recovery of the Freedom of the press, the paper became an important channel for public expression. "Folha de S.Paulo" had an expressive role during the episode of President Fernando Collor de Mello's impeachment, back in 1992. [ [ Folha History] 1991, President Collor impeachment. en] "Folha de S.Paulo" has a very broad influence on other states and on other media in Brazil as well. "Folha de S.Paulo" presents a broad selection of news, with many in depth articles, as well as a broad spectrum of subjects with full color illustrations.

One of the main goals of this newspaper is to be impartial, giving different sides of every story and relying as well on its visual appeal while presenting each piece of news (i.e. using explanatory details, graphics, charts, and photographs).


Founded by Olival Costa and Pedro Cunha, "Folha de S. Paulo" started running its presses on February 19, 1921, under the name of "Folha da Noite" (literally translated: evening paper). Four years later a morning edition came out under the name of "Folha da Manhã" (lit. transl.: morning paper) while its afternoon edition was firt released 24 years later. These three editions, morning, afternoon and evening, finally merged in 1960, giving rise to today's "Folha de S. Paulo". In 1962, Octavio Frias de Oliveira, a mogul of the Brazilian media empire, purchased the newspaper. With several other companies' acquisitions, in Brazil, Mr. Frias de Oliveira was second only to the "Globo" conglomerate. Eventually the empire was passed on to the heirs, Luiz and Otavio, his children, president and editor, respectively. Today, the newspaper has its online editions, titled FolhaOnline posted in Latin America's largest Internet Service Provider, "UOL", also part of the Folha conglomerate. [ [ More History] about "Folha de S.Paulo". In Portuguese]

Political stance

Generally speaking this newspaper takes on a more liberal stance on social issues such as abortion and gay rights while siding with more conservative forces regarding the economy.

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