Internet in Finland

Internet in Finland

Broadband Internet access in Finland was launched commercially in 2000 in the form of ADSL. As of 2008, typical ADSL connections in Finland are 1024/512 Kbit/s or 2048/512 Kbit/s and they cost from 20 to €35 per month respectively. Faster speeds, such as 8/1 Mbit/s, 24/1 Mbit/s and faster are also widely available.

Some of the largest Finnish Internet service providers include:
* Elisa Oyj
* Saunalahti
* Sonera
* Finnet

In the city of Oulu, Oulun Puhelin Plc (OPOY) has for a longer time offered full-rate ADSL (8/1 Mbit/s) and VDSL (10/10 Mbit/s, actually Cisco Long Reach Ethernet).

With aggressive marketing, Saunalahti brought full-rate ADSL (8/1 Mbit/s) to the capital area and Turku on 2004-08-03. Saunalahti announced ADSL2 services (12 Mbit/s) on 2004-10-21, available in the capital area and Turku. Saunalahti also announced the first ever ADSL2+ services (24 Mbit/s) in Nordic countries on 2004-11-15, first available only in the Tampere region.

Sonera provides 10/10 Mbit Cisco Long Reach Ethernet in select apartment buildings for prices ranging from 39€ to 50€. Sonera has also started installing fiber optic connections in major areas of Finland, providing a speed up to 100/10 Mbit, albeit also exclusive to apartment buildings.

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