European walking route E1

European walking route E1

European walking route E1 is one of the European long-distance paths with a total length of some 4960 km. It begins in Sweden, and crosses the Kattegat between Sweden and Denmark by ferry. It passes through Denmark, Germany and Switzerland to finish at Scapoli, Italy. This path is planned to connect in Northern direction to Nordkapp, Norway and in a southern direction to Sicily, in Italy.

Detailed description of the route:


The path starts at Grövelsjön (Grövel Lake), which lies on the Norwegian-Swedish border and is the northernmost point of Europe reached by European long distance paths.The path continues to Varberg, a small town on the coast south of Göteborg, from where the ferry to Denmark sails.

Total length of the path in Sweden: appr. 1200 km


This section of the route was finished and inaugurated in 2006.There are also many national cycle routes in Denmark. Cycle route number 2 goes between Grenå and Viborg via the town of Randers.
Length of the path: appr. 130 km

This section is called "Hærvejen" in Danish and consists of a footpath and a parallel cycle track between the towns of Viborg and Padborg.

Detailed description of the route of the path:Viborg to Sjørup along the shore of Hald Lake – Christianshøj – Sepstrup – Boest – Nørre Snede – Nørre Kollemorten – Jelling – Lake Farup – Bredstein – Bække – Vejen – Jels – Vojens – Rødekro – Hjordkær – Kliplev – PadborgLength of the path : 250 km

Total length of the path in Denmark: appr. 380 km

External links:
* [ Hærvejen] – – the official website of the E1 route in Denmark (in English)
The Danish–German border is crossed between Padborg (Denmark) and Flensburg (Germany).


1. The route in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg
On the first section the E1 European walking route goes together with the E6 route. The path begins at the border station Kupfermühle close to Flensburg and leads through town Flensburg and Schleswig. It touches the Naturpark "Hüttener Berge" and goes parallel with the coast of the Ostsee until the town of Kiel.After Kiel it goes via Preetz, Plön, Malante-Gremsmühlen, Eutin and Neustadt towards Lübeck. It goes on via Ratzeburg and Mölln until Güster – here the path of the E1 branches away from the E6.Beside Hamburg the route crosses the Elbe.

Kupfermühle – Sankelmark – Schleswig – Ascheffel – Aschau - Strande – Kiel - Preetz – Niederkleveez - Schönwalde am Bungsberg – Klingberg - Kreutzkamp – Krummesee - Mölln – Güster - Witzhave – Hamburg
Length of the route: 415 km

2. The route in Niedersachsen

Hamburg – Fishbek – Buchholz am Nordheide – Undeloh – Soltau – Müden – Celle – Führberg – Otternhagen – Haste – Springe – Hameln – Bösingfeld
Length of the route: 339 km

3. The route in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Bösingfeld – Lemgo – Horn Bad Meindberg – Herbrahmwald – Blankerode – Marsberg – 12 kmWirminghausen – Schwalefeld – Altastenburg – Bad Berleburg – Bad Laasphe – Lahnhof – Siegen – Herdorf
Length of the route: 276 km

4. The route in Rheinland-Pfalz

Herdorf – Fuchskaute – Unnau – Selters – Montabaur – Nassau – Balduinstein – Michelbach – Idstein
Length of the route: 169 km

5. The route in Hessen

Idstein – Oberursel – Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen – Dreieichenhain – Ober-Ramstadt – Bensheim – Nieder-Liebersbach – Heidelberg
Length of the route: 166.5 km

6. The route in Baden-Württemberg

The E1 in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). This section follows pre-existing long-distance paths through the Black Forest. Initially it follows the Schwarzwald Hochweg Westweg (Westway) from Town Heidelberg - Schlierbach – Rauenberg - Odenheim – Bretten – Pforzheim – Dobel – Forbach via Kaiser-Wilheim-Turm (984 m, lookout tower) – Lake Mummelsee via Badener Höhe (1001 m) – village Hausach – Titisee (Lake Titi) – peak of Feldberg (1487 m) – Schluchsee to Kappel. From there it follows the Schwarzwald-Querweg Freiburg-Bodensee to Boll, Riedöschingen, Engen, Singen, Langenrain and Konstanz
Length of this section: 464 km

Total length of the path in Germany: 1829.5 km

External links:

* [ A hike along the path of E1 in Germany] – from Henry Floor (a Dutch website).
* [ A hike in the Black Forest] - Walking the section of the European Long Distance Path E1 (Black Forest section referred to as Westweg) from Heidelberg-Schlierbach to the Feldberg.


The path of the E1 leads via Rapperswil and Einsiedeln to the Vierwaldstättersee, then over the St. Gotthard pass and through Ticino towards Porto Ceresio, Italy.

Total length of the route in Switzerland: appr. 400 km


via Lake Maggiore into the Ligurian Mountains (there is a spur to the Mediterranean at Genova) to Passo della Bochetta
Length of the route: appr. 200 km

through the eastern part of Ligurian Mountains (Alta Via dei Monti Liguri) to Passo dei Due Santi
Length of the route: appr. 150 km

along the Apennine ridge through Tuscany (Grande Escursione Appenninica) to Bocca Trabaria
Length of the route: appr. 400 km

along Apennine ridge through Umbria to Castelluccio
Length of the route: appr. 200 km

through mountains along the Abruzzo/Lazio border: Simbruini, Ernici, Abruzzo national park to Lazio/Molise border at Scapoli
Length of the route: appr. 200 km

Total length of the route in Italy: 1150 km

There is a plan to lengthen the route of E1 through southern Italy to Sicily along the Apennines.

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