Audio and video connector

Audio and video connector

Audio connectors and video connectors are electrical connectors for carrying an audio signal or video signal, either in an analog or digital format. Analog A/V connectors often use Shielded cable to inhibit RF interference and noise.

Audio Only

Audio connectors are electrical connectors designed and used for audio frequencies. They can be analogue or digital. Common audio connectors include:

* Single-conductor connectors:
** Banana connectors
** Five-way binding posts and banana plugs for loudspeakers
** Fahnestock clips on early breadboard radio receivers.

* Multi-conductor connectors:
** DB25 is for multi-track recording and other multi-channel audio, analog or digital
** DIN connectors and mini-DIN connectors
** RCA connectors, also known as "phono" connectors or "phono plugs", used for analog or digital audio or analog video
** Speakon connectors by Neutrik for loudspeakers
** TRS connector also known as tip-ring-sleeve plug, phone plug, jack plug, mini-jack, and mini-stereo. This includes the original 6.35mm (quarter inch) jack and the more recent 3.5mm (miniature or 1/8th inch) and 2.5mm (subminiature) jacks, both mono and stereo (balanced) versions.
** XLR connectors, also known as "Cannon plugs", used for analog or digital balanced audio with a balanced line

* Digital audio interfaces and interconnects:
** ADAT interface (DB25)
** AES/EBU interface, normally with XLR connectors
** S/PDIF, either over electrical coaxial cable (with RCA jacks) or optical fiber (TOSLINK).

Colour codes

Newer connectors are identified by their shape and not their colour.

Multiple signals

Some connectors can carry both audio and video signals simultaneously:
* DisplayPort digital connector
* Unified Display Interface (UDI)
* F connectors are used with RF modulators for televisions without direct inputs
* HDMI is a new digital standard
* SCART, now the most common in Europe
* TRS connectors with more than one ring, or Sony's hybrid RCA with a TRS pin
* Coaxial cable/RG-6/RG-59/Cable television (CATV)

Other composite connectors carry video, power, and USB:
* ADC, now-defunct Apple Display Connector

ee also

* High-end audio cables

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