List of Dacian towns

List of Dacian towns

This is a list of Dacian cities. Many city names of the Dacians were composed of an initial lexical element affixed to "-dava", "-daua", "-deva", "-deba" or "-daba" (<PIE "*dhe-", "to set, place"), which meant "city", "town" in the Dacian language.

In Dacia

cythia Minor

In Scythia Minor (Dobrudja):

Lower Moesia

In Lower Moesia, excluding Scythian Minor, i.e. present-day Northern Bulgaria

* "Aedeba"
* "*Giridava"
* "Dausadava"
* "Murideba"
* "Sacidava"
* "Scaidava" ("Skedeba")
* "Sukidaua" ("Sucidava")

Upper Moesia

In the districts of Nish (Latin "Naissus"), Sofia (Serdica) and partly Kjustendil &ndash;

* "Aiadaba"
* "Bregedaba"
* "Danedebai"
* "Itadeba"
* "Kuimedaba"
* "Zisnudeba"


*"Gil-doba", a village in Thrace, of unknown location.
*"Desudaba", near the town Kochani in the Republic of Macedonia.
*"Thermi-daua", a town in Dalmatia. Probably a Grecized form of Dacian "*Germidava".
*"Pulpu-deva", (Greek "Philipopolis") today Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
*"Uscudama", modern Edirne (Adrianople)

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*List of Illyrian cities

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* [ Duridanov's map of Dacian davas]

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