List of Mountain Men

List of Mountain Men

This is a list of explorers, trappers, guides, and other frontiersman of the American frontier known as "Mountain Men" from 1807-1848.

"See also" Mountain Men, explorers, trappers, guides
*John Albert (1806-1899)
*William Henry Ashley (1778-1838)
*John Jacob Astor (1763-1848)
*Jim Baker (1818-1898)
*James Beckwourth (1798-1866)
*Charles Bent (1799-1847)
*William Bent (1809-1869)
*Joseph Bissonette (1818-1894)
*Benjamin Bonneville (1796-1878)
*Jim Bridger (1804-1881)
*Robert Campbell (1804-1879)
*Kit Carson (Christopher Houston Carson) (1809-1868)
*John Colter (c. 1774-1813)
*Alexander Culbertson (1809-1879)
*Warren Angus Ferris (1810-1873)
*Jacques Raphael Finlay "Jocko" (1768-1828)
*Thomas Fitzpatrick "Broken Hand" (1799-1854)
*John Charles Fremont (1813-1890)
*Hugh Glass (c. 1800-1833)
*Caleb Greenwood Married to Youngcolt who was part Russian and American Indian
*Major Andrew Henry (1775-1832)
*Antoine Janis (1822-1890)
*John Liver-Eating Johnston (1824-1900)
*Ben Lilly (18XX-18XX?)
*Manuel Lisa (1772-1820)
*Lancaster Lupton (1807-1885)
*Mariano Medina (1812-1878)
*Joseph Meek (1810-1875)
*Robert "Doc" Newell (1807-1869)
*Peter Skene Ogden (1794-1854)
*Osborne Russell (1814-1892)
*Jedediah Smith (1799-1831)
*John Smith (1810-18??)
*Thomas L. Smith "Pegleg" (1801-1866)
*William Sublette (1799-1845)
*Thomas Tate Tobin (1823-1904)
*Elbridge Trask (1815-1863)
*Ceran St. Vrain (1802-1870)
*Pauline Weaver (1797-1867)
*William S. Williams "Old Bill" (1787-1849)
*Dick Wooten (Richens Lacy Wooten) "Uncle" (1816-1893)
*Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth (1802-1856)

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