Regions of Norway

Regions of Norway

Norway is divided into five major regions ("landsdeler"), which consist of counties as follows:

*Northern Norway
*Western Norway
**Møre og Romsdal
**Sogn og Fjordane
*Southern Norway or Agder
*Eastern Norway

The division into regions is, by convention, based on geographical and also dialectical differences, but it also follows the county borders approximately. Other regions exist for various purposes of government. Administratively, the traditional regions as listed above play less of a role – the major administrative units are at county level.

The region Midt-Norge/Midt-Noreg (Central Norway) is often used as a synonym to Trøndelag, but also includes Møre og Romsdal. Occasionally, Rogaland, or parts of Rogaland, is grouped with Southern Norway instead of Western Norway.

Svalbard is not a county and is not usually considered part of Northern Norway. The governor of Svalbard ("sysselmannen") reports to the Department of Justice, whereas the county governors ("fylkesmenn") report to the Department of Administration. Also Jan Mayen is an integrated geographical body of Norway. Since 1995 it has been administered by the county governor (fylkesmann) of Nordland.

Bouvet Island in the south Atlantic Ocean, Queen Maud Land and Peter I Island in Antarctica are Norwegian dependencies.

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