Kra (letter)

Kra (letter)

Kra (unicode|ĸ) is a character once used when writing the Kalaallisut language spoken in Greenland. It is visually similar to a Latin small capital letter K and the Greek letter κ. Unusual for a Latin letter, it exists only in lower case form (like German ß).Fact|date=August 2008

It is used to denote the sound written as [q] in the International Phonetic Alphabet (the voiceless uvular plosive). For collation purposes, it is therefore considered to be a type of 'q', rather than a type of 'k', and should sort near 'q'.

Its Unicode code point is decimal 312 and hexadecimal U+0138. If this is unavailable, 'q' is substituted.

In 1973, a spelling reform replaced the use of Kra with 'q'. []


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