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There are two Norwegian language editions of Wikipedia: one for articles written in Bokmål or Riksmål, and one for articles written in Nynorsk. The first site, the original Norwegian Wikipedia, launched on November 26, 2001, and originally allowed articles to be written in any written Norwegian standard. A Nynorsk-specific Wikipedia was launched on July 31, 2004 and grew quickly. Following a vote in 2005, the main Norwegian site became Bokmål and Riksmål only.

By February 2007, the Bokmål/Riksmål edition had over 100,000 articles and the Nynorsk site had over 20,000 articles. In February 2006, the Bokmål/Riksmål edition became the thirteenth Wikipedia to have more than 50,000 articles, and one year later it was the fourteenth to reach 100,000. After the Finnish Wikipedia surpassed it in April 2006 it was once again the 14th largest Wikipedia by article count.[1] However, in September 2007, the Bokmål/Riksmål Wikipedia surpassed the Finnish, and has since then been the 13th largest Wikipedia.[2] As of June 1, 2010, the Bokmål/Riksmål contains more than 260,000 articles, while the Nynorsk version contains over 57,000. Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish are mutually intelligible languages and can be understood by most speakers of each. The sites collaborate with the other Scandinavian Wikipedias through the Skanwiki section of Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki site. One effect of this combined effort is the sharing of featured articles between the different Wikipedias.

Despite the fact that the ISO 639 two-letter code for Bokmål is nb, the Bokmål and Riksmål Norwegian Wikipedia continues to be hosted at, while the nb code redirects to that site. The Nynorsk code is nn, and the Nynorsk Wikipedia is hosted at

Wikimedia Norge is a Norwegian membership association with the purpose to support Wikimedia's projects, in particular those in Norwegian and Sami languages, and aiming to become a national chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. The association was formed at a meeting at the National Library in Oslo on June 23, 2007. As of 2010, Jarle Vines is the chairman of Wikimedia Norge.

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