Italian cruiser Zara

Italian cruiser Zara

"Zara" was an Italian "Zara" class heavy cruiser, which served in the Regia Marina during World War II.

Her keel was laid down 1928 at "O.T.O.", La Spezia; she was launched on 27 April 1930, and her construction was completed in 1931. It sank on 29 March 1941.

The cruiser was named after the Adriatic city of Zara (today Zadar).


"Zara" participated to the Spanish Civil War, having an important role in the end of the independent Basque country.Fact|date=October 2007


* 7 July: battle of Calabria
* 19 July: battle of Cape Spada
* 1 September: operation "Hats"
* 29 September: operation "MB 5"
* 11 November: "Night of Taranto"


* 29 March: In the battle of Cape Matapan, commander "Capitano di Vascello" Luigi Corsi, sunk. The "Zara" was escorting the battleship "Vittorio Veneto", which had been damaged by aerial torpedo and slowed down, to Italy. The "Zara" class cruiser , the "Pola" was damaged by a torpedo from a British aircraft, and was obliged to slow down and later stop. The remainder of the Italian force headed towards home ports, leaving the ship, but at the coming of night, the "Zara" together with her sister ship the "Fiume" and four destroyers returned to the "Pola". In night action the Italian cruisers were taken by surprise by the radar-equipped British vessels. Three British battleships firing from as close a distance as 2,000 m comprehensively outgunned the cruisers. "Zara" and "Fiume" were struck several times within five minutes. Unable to recover the ship, the commander ordered the crew to scuttle and abandon "Zara". The "Fiume" and the ship they had come back for, the "Pola", and two destroyers were also sunk.

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