JP Aerospace

JP Aerospace

JP Aerospace is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to achieving cheap access to space. They have been hired by the U.S. Air Force to provide concepts to allow rapid launch of battlefield communication and monitoring systems. [See Boyle, 2004 (below)] JP Aerospace was founded, and is still controlled by, John Marchel Powell, familiarly known as "JP". Since its inception, JP Aerospace has had a special interest in lighter-than-air flight. Their stated purpose is achieving cheap access to space. Most competitors in the field of CATS ('Cheap Access To Space') have focused on ground-launched rockets or fixed-wing aerodynamic lift to high altitude followed by rocket propulsion. JP Aerospace has uniquely chosen inflatable, buoyant components as a primary means of propulsion.

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* Alan Boyle (2004), [ Airship groomed for flight to edge of space] , "MSNBC"
* Stew Magnusson (2003), [ Air Force Explores Balloon-Assisted Launches] , " Space News, Imaginova Trade Publishing"
* David Kushner, [ Space Invaders] , "IEEE Spectrum"

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