Is the Danish army supply and emergency medical personnel. When you assign to this squad for education, you would be asked to select one of two lines.

The education is in Aalborg "Noerresundby" and in Vordingborg.

It takes around 9 mouths to complete the full education to become a full conscript of this regiment and afterwards, you can advance in ranks to become a sergeant.

Supply:You will be trained to learn the basics about supply and inventory. The role is to be able to perform all that is needed to keep your group or division well equipped at all times. You will in the first 4 months complete physic, first aid and marksmanship, afterwards you will be trained as a conscript for 5 mouths.

The salary is 6800 dkr. (1250$) "Tax" + (160 dkr. "30$" a day to food) "no tax" after 4 mouths the pay is 16800 dkr. (3050$) "tax" and after 9 months the salary is increased to 18000 dkr. (3250$) "tax"

Medic:You will be trained in first aid, advanced first aid. Your role is to keep your group healthy and to be able to perform live saving processors in the event of encountering hostile forces. And to transport injured personal.

You will in the first 4 months complete physic, first aid and marksmanship, afterwards you will be train as a conscript for 5 mouths.

The salary is 6800 dkr. (1250$) "Tax" + (160 dkr. "30$" a day to food) "no tax" after 4 mouths the pay is 16800 dkr. (3050$) "tax" and after 9 mouth the salary is increased to 18000 dkr. (3250$) "tax"

To become a conscript:


* You have passed the school exam if at least 6 (D) in Danish, English and Maths or a higher exam


* You have to be between 18-26 years old and may not be 27 at the start of the education.


* You have to be at least 155 cm high without shoes
* You have to see at least 6/12(0,50) on one eye and 6/24(0,25) on the other
* Normal colour and dark vision
* You have satisfying health and physic
* Be in good shape and stamina


To run at least 2000 meters in 12 minutes.16 front and back exercise

And a two day try out

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