Jensen (disambiguation)

Jensen (disambiguation)

Jensen is a surname meaning "Son of Jens". It is the most common surname in Denmark. It may refer to:

* The asteroid 5900 Jensen, named after Poul Jensen (astronomer).
* Axel Jensen, Norwegian author
* Arthur Jensen, an American psychologist
* David "Kid" Jensen, a Danish-Canadian Radio DJ.
* Derrick Jensen, an American anarchist
* Georg Jensen, a Danish silversmith
* Henrik Wann Jensen a Computer Graphics researcher, known for the development of photon mapping algorithm.
* Johannes Hans Daniel Jensen, a German physicist and laureate of Nobel Prize in Physics
* Jensen Car Audio - A manufacturer of car stereo equipment, now a division of Audiovox.
* Jensen Loudspeakers, a guitar/bass amplification speaker manufacturing company.
* Jensen Motors, a British manufacturer of sports cars
* Johan Jensen, a Danish mathematician and engineer, discoverer of Jensen's inequality
* Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, a Danish author and laureate of Nobel Prize in Literature
* Michael Jensen, economist.
* Archbishop Peter Jensen, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney and his brother the Reverend Phillip Jensen, Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral.
* Poul Jensen separate page for four people with that name
* Ronald Björn Jensen, an American mathematician and logician
* Thit Jensen, a Danish author.
* Thomas Jensen, a Danish orchestra conductor

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