Slovak Soviet Republic

Slovak Soviet Republic
Slovak Soviet Republic
Slovenská republika rád
Szlovák Tanácsköztársaság
Puppet state of Hungarian Soviet Republic




Capital Prešov
Language(s) Slovak, Hungarian
Government Soviet socialist republic
Chairman of the Revolutionary Government Council Antonín Janoušek
Historical era Interwar period
 - Proclamation of independent socialist state of Slovakia by secular organization of Communist party in Prešov June 16, 1919
 - Military intervention (though just "home police action" - area de jure belonged to Czechoslovakia) in order to dissolve group due to illegality of such action July 7, 1919
History of Slovakia
Coat of arms of Slovakia
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Slovak Republic

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The Slovak Soviet Republic (Slovak: Slovenská republika rád, Hungarian: Szlovák Tanácsköztársaság, literally: "Slovak Republic of Councils" - the name originated before the Russian word soviet (council) became widespread in Slovak and other languages) comprised a very short-lived communist state in south and eastern Slovakia from 16 June to 7 July 1919, with its capital in Prešov,[1] and headed by the Czech journalist Antonín Janoušek.

Proclamation of the Slovak Soviet Republic in Prešov.

After the conclusion of World War I in 1918, Czechoslovakia begun occupying the area in accordance with the preliminary peace settlements. However, Slovakia (Upper Hungary) was preemptively occupied by Red Guards from the Hungarian Soviet Republic, who set up the Slovak Soviet Republic as a puppet regime. Following a brief war between Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania, Slovakia was fully restored into Czechoslovakia and the Hungarian Soviet Republic was wholly occupied by Romania.

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