Pieter van Woensel (politician)

Pieter van Woensel (politician)

:"Not to be confused with Pieter van Woensel (doctor)."

Pieter Theodoor van Woensel (Breda, 15 September 1970) is a former Dutch alderman (Wethouder).

Early career

He followed the HBO course in training-authorities management at the Thorbecke Academy in Leeuwarden between 1990 and 1994 . After that he studied legal administration at the state University of Groningen. In Groningen he became concerned with the foundation of a new regional political party that would stand up for the interests of students, Student en Stad. In the 1994 elections, this party won one seat in the Groningen municipal council. Pieter van Woensel becomes the first half-assistant to the party's first councillor, Marcel Beukeboom. After two years, as agreed beforehand, he followed Beukeboom as city councillor for a period of two years.

The Hague

In 1998, Pieter van Woensel exchanged Groningen for the Hague, elected to the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG). Van Woensel also became an active member of the local People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). In 2002, he was elected for the VVD to the Hague municipal council, and a year later on became its parliamentary leader (Fractievoorzitter). In 2004, Pieter van Woensel became Bas Verkerk's successor on his departure (Verkerk was formerly mayor of Delft). Pieter van Woensel took over the economic affairs and employment portfolio. In April 2006, he was given Transport, Business, Suburbs and Environment. In the beginning of 2007 it was revealed that, under him, the construction of RandstadRail - with its budget of 12 million Euros - had actually cost 451 million. Pieter van Woensel has taken the political flak for this error and resigned his aldermanship in February 2007.

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