Battle of Jiameng Pass

Battle of Jiameng Pass

The Battle of Jiameng Pass was a fictional battle in the Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" between Liu Bei and Zhang Lu in 214 A.D. during the Three Kingdoms period in China. It is famous for Ma Chao and Zhang Fei's duel, and is the battle after which Ma Chao joins Liu Bei. Liu Bei emerged victorious against Zhang Lu's forces.

In "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"

Ma Chao sought refuge with Zhang Lu. Later, Zhang Lu sent Ma Chao to rescue Liu Zhang's Yizhou from Liu Bei's invading forces. The first encounter with Liu Bei's army was with Zhang Fei. Ma Chao and Zhang Fei fought for long periods on two occasions with no signs of either one gaining the upper hand. Liu Bei consulted Zhuge Liang, fearing that either one would get hurt, and Zhuge agreed that a general like Ma Chao would be a waste if any harm fell on him or Zhang Fei. Thus, an envoy was sent to persuade Ma Chao to switch sides to Liu Bei, and tricks were used to make Liu Zhang distrust Ma Chao. Because of this, Ma Chao, switched his allegiance over to Liu Bei. [ Comprehensive Officer Biography of Ma Chao] ] Luo, Guanzhong "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"]

While Liu Bei was besieging Liu Zhang’s capital, Chengdu, Ma Chao sent messengers asking Liu Bei if he could be allowed to join Liu Bei’s forces. Liu Bei eagerly accepted Ma Chao’s assistance and sent both soldiers and supplies to Ma Chao. Next, Ma Chao promptly attacked Chengdu from the north, a move that shocked the defenders of the city. Shortly thereafter, Jian Yong, an officer of Liu Bei and friend of Liu Zhang, convinced Liu Zhang to surrender the city to Liu Bei. For his services in the siege, Ma Chao was given the rank of General Who Subdues the West. With the loss of Ma Chao, Liu Zhang surrendered, and the lands of Shu now belonged to Liu Bei. The configuration for the later Three Kingdoms had been established.


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