Pakistani philosophy

Pakistani philosophy

Pakistani philosophy encompasses the history of philosophy in the nation of Pakistan since its independence in 1947. [ [ Preface ] ]


When Pakistan came into being there was only one department of philosophy in the country, at Government College Lahore. Now there are seven departments of philosophy at different Pakistan universities, and many Pakastani philosophers are doing research in diverse fields of philosophy.

Notable Pakastani philosophical organizations include The Pakistan Philosophical Congress, which was founded by M. M. Sharif, a pupil of G. E. Moore, in 1954, and the Islamic Philosophical Association. In addition there are various smaller groups devoted to promoting philosophical study and research.

While philosophy in Pakistan has been greatly influenced by Western philosophy, it nonetheless retains strong elements of the tradition of Muslim philosophy. While the (hi)Pakistani philosophy community includes adherents of all the major strands of contemporary western philosophy, there are also a significant number of Pakistani philosophers who are inclined towards more traditional, metaphysical, positions.

Pakistani philosophers include: Allama Muhammad Iqbal, M M Sharif, Khalifa Abdul Hakeem, C A Qadir, Dr Muhammad Amin, Kazi A Kadir, Ather Rasheed, Absar Ahmad, Intasar ul Haq, Waheed Ali Farooqi, B H Sidiquei, Sajid Ali, Abdul Khaliq, Naeem Ahmed, Abdul Hafeez, Muhammad Maroof, Mirza Ather Beig, Shahid Hossain, Fazuler Rehman, Shehzad Qaiser, Manzoor Ahmed, Ghazala Irfan, Javed Bhuto, Robina Lodhi and [ Khuram] .


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*Hossain Nasr, History of Islamic Philosophy
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