Lwow-Warsaw School of Logic

Lwow-Warsaw School of Logic

The Lwów–Warsaw School of Logic was headed by Kazimierz Twardowski, who had been a student of Franz Brentano and is regarded as the "father of Polish logic."

The Lwów–Warsaw School of Logic lay at the origin of Polish logic and was closely associated with the Warsaw School of Mathematics. It began as a more general philosophical school but steadily moved toward logic. In the 1930s Alfred Tarski initiated contacts with the Vienna Circle. Besides Brentano, Brentano's pupils Anton Marty, Alexius Meinong and Edmund Husserl also exerted a considerable influence on Polish philosophy and the Lwów–Warsaw School. Principal topics of interest to this school were formal ontology, mereology, universal or categorial grammar, and the like.

Notable members of the school included:

* Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz
* Tadeusz Czezowski
* Tadeusz Kotarbiński
* Stanisław Jaśkowski
* Czeslaw Lejewski
* Stanisław Leśniewski
* Jan Łukasiewicz
* Alfred Tarski
* Kazimierz Twardowski


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* [http://www.fmag.unict.it/~polphil/PolPhil/LvovWarsaw/LvovWarsaw.html The Lvóv-Warsaw School]
* [http://plato.stanford.edu/archives/sum2003/entries/lvov-warsaw/ The Lvóv-Warsaw School] , by Jan Woleński. in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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