Jarrod Donoman

Jarrod Donoman

Jarrod Donoman (born Jarrod Cook on August 4, 1970) is a U.S. television writer and movie producer of Puerto-Rican and African-American decent. He was born in Puerto Rico but was raised primarily in Kansas City, Missouri. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana State University, and Southern University. He began his movie career producing Reality DVD shows for rapper Luther Campbell. Since that time he has served as Executive producer for several movies and reality shows such as "Too Short Uncensored", and "Pimpology Uncut the Movie", which was the sequel to the HBO documentary "Pimp's Up Ho's down". Jarrod also wrote the original concepts for a documentary with R & B singer Bobby Brown for what would later become the hit Reality show Being Bobby Brown.

In June 2006 Donoman drew much criticism for the release of the controversial film Crackheads Gone Wild and appeared on shows such as MSNBC Scarborough Country to defend his position on releasing the film. To Donomans credit he has released 20 plus films in the U.S. market. He is currently working on two new movies; All Eyes on Tupac Shakur and Notorious Friend of Mine which are biopics of the lives of the late rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls respectively. Donoman recently signed a new film distribution output deal with Sony Entertainment for a reported 22.7 Million dollars. Donoman who is recently divorced has been rumored to have been romantically linked to Cuban model Mayra Veronica and actress Tracee Ellis Ross in the past. Donoman has repeatedly denied any romantic involvement with the actresses in the past.


Early life

Jarrod got started in the movie business shortly after graduating Engineering school. He began selling a line of Hip-Hop movies on the internet in the late 1990’s, starring popular rappers such as Fat Joe, Too Short, Lil' Flip, and Swizz Beats. Donoman originally acquired the independent movie rights from Terrell Taylor a fledging film maker and college buddy. Taylor had been selling the movies out of the trunk of his SUV until Donoman caught notice and with a team of web developers created a website similar to Amazon.com to handle the eCommerce for the movie transactions online.

Donomans’ urban movies were an instant hit amongst African Americans and Latino audiences. Donoman wrote and produced the commercials himself, airing them nightly on BET and MTV. Jarrod’s break came when he caught the eye of Hollywood Executives and California based Ventura studios and began producing the commercials and videos for the studio along with Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke. Donoman marketed the line of movies that eventually went on to generate over 47 Million dollars for the studio.

Donoman has ventured into the world of music in the past, distributing his music and select movie releases through a joint venture with the 200 Million Dollar Music Machine Distributor Koch Records. Koch is also home to Jim Jones (rapper), Sean Kingston, DJ Khaled, Master P, Sinéad O'Connor and Ringo Starr to name a few. Donoman is currently in the studio working with Dwayne Wiggins on a new Tony, Toni, Tone album.


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*"The Miami Hustle" - (2004) Tommy
*"All Eye on Tupac" - (Announced) Executive Producer
*"Notorious Friend of Mine" - (Announced) Executive Producer
*"How the West was One" - (Announced) Executive Producer
*"The Spoken Word DVD Series" - (Completed) Executive Producer
*"All About the Money" -(2002) Derrick
*"Back to Ballin" - (2007) Executive Producer
*"Amour Infinity"* - (2007) Executive Producer
*"The Weapon"* - (2004) Executive Producer
*"Crackheads Gone Wild" - (2006) Co-Executive Proder
*"Love Thy ATL Neighbor" - (2007) Executive Producer

Television Appearances

*"Scarborough Country" - (2006) Himself
* [http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=1081166302&fr=yfp-t-471 Jarrod Donoman Interview]

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