Joel (given name)

Joel (given name)

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Joel (יוֹאֵל "Yahweh is El", usually interpreted as meaning "Yahweh is God" or "Jehovah is God", Standard Hebrew Yoʾel, Tiberian Hebrew Yôʾēl) is the name of several people in the Bible.

In Judeo-Christian tradition

The Book of Joel

# Joel (prophet) was the second of the twelve minor prophets and the author of the Book of Joel a book of the Jewish Tanakh, and of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.

The First Book of Samuel

# The eldest of Samuel's two sons appointed by him as judges in Beersheba (1Sa. 8:2).

The First Book of Chronicles

# A descendant of Reuben (1Ch. 5:4,8).
# One of David's famous warriors (1Ch. 11:38).
# A Levite of the family of Gershom (1Ch. 15:7, 11).
# A descendant of Issachar (1Ch. 7:3).
# 1Ch. 27:20.

Joel as a given name

* Joel Achenbach, a staff writer for The Washington Post and author
* Joel Anderson, a California politician
* Joel Augustus Rogers, Jamaican author, journalist and historian
* Joel John Bailey, soccer player for the Montreal, QC Impact
* Joel Conrad Bakan, a Canadian lawyer and writer
* Joel Barlow, an American poet and politician
* Joel Barr, part of the Soviet Atomic Spy Ring
* Joel Beckett, an English actor
* Joel Beinin, a professor
* Joel Benjamin, chess grandmaster
* Joel Bouchard, a French Canadian professional ice hockey
* Joel Bowden, an Australian rules footballer
* Joel Brand, a Jew who played a prominent role in trying to save the Hungarian Jewish community
* Joel Breton, a game producer, international D.J. and entrepreneur
* Joel Brind, a pro-life born again Christian, scientist, and advocate of the abortion-breast cancer hypothesis
* Joel Britton, an American Communist
* Joel Brutus, a Haitian judoka
* Joel Casamayor, a Cuban boxer
* Joel Chernoff, a Singer-songwriter and Messianic Jew, founder member of the music group Lamb.
* Joel Clinton, an Australian rugby league footballer
* Joel Coen, American director and producer
* Joel Connable, a news reporter, paramedic, and former private pilot from Long Island, NY
* Joel Chandler Harris, an American journalist
* Joel Crothers, Actor
* Joel Cummins, an American musician
* Joel Dorn, an American jazz and R&B music producer and record label serial entrepreneur
* Joel Edgerton, an Australian actor
* Joel Engle, a Christian recording artist
* Joel Fabiani, an American actor
* Joel Feinberg, an American political and social philosopher
* Joel Fitzgibbon, Australian politician
* Joel Fleischman M.D., a fictional central character of the TV series Northern Exposure
* Joel Freeland, a British basketball player
* Joel Fuhrman, an American family medicine physician and author
* Joel Garner, West Indian International Cricketer (Fast bowler)
* Joel Garreau, an American journalist and author
* Joel Gausten, a United States drummer, author and journalist
* Joel Geist, American actor
* Joel Gerber, a Chief Judge of the United States Tax Court
* Joel Gertner, an American Professional wrestling personality
* Joel Gion, American musician brother man
* Joel Gistedt, a professional Swedish ice hockey player
* Joel Glazer, part of the Glazer family, who control First Allied Corporation and the Zapata Corporation, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL, and England's Manchester United Football Club.
* Joel Goldsmith, a composer of film, television music and video games
* Joel S. Goldsmith, an author, teacher, spiritual healer, mystic and founder of the Infinite Way movement
* Joel Godard, an American television announcer
* Joel Greenblatt, a chairman of The St. Lawrence Seaway Corporation
* Joel Gretsch, an American actor
* Joel Grey, American actor
* Joel Gustave Nana Ngongang, African LGBT human rights activist
* Joel Heyman, a voice actor
* Joel Hailey, American musician
* Joel Hanrahan, a Major League Baseball player
* Joel Hefley, a U.S Republican politician
* Joel Higgins, American actor and singer
* Joel Hirschhorn, an American songwriter
* Joel Henry Hildebrand, an American educator and a pioneer chemist
* Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Joel Robinson, the character he plays on the show
* Joel Homan, an American actor
* Joel Houston, a song writer and worship leader at the Hillsong Church
* Joel Hurt, an important businessman and developer
* Joel Hyatt, a prominent businessman, former attorney and American politician
* Joel Isasi, a former sprinter from Cuba
* Joel Jeannot, a wheelchair racer
* Joel Jones, a Puerto Rican professional basketball player
* Joel Kauffman, a stock car racer
* Joel Kwiatkowski, a Canadian ice hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins
* Joel Klein, a Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education
* Joel Kovel, an American politician, academic, writer and eco-socialist
* Joel Lane, a British author, poet, critic and anthology editor
* Joel Lebowitz, a Jewish mathematical physicist
* Joel Löwe, was a German-Jewish Biblical commentator
* Joel Lundqvist, a Swedish professional ice hockey player with Dallas Stars in NHL.
* Joel Lynch, a professional British football player
* Joel Madden, lead vocalist for the band Good Charlotte
* Joel Makower, an entrepreneur, writer, and strategist
* Joel Meyers, an American sportscaster
* Joel McCormack, designer of the NCR Corporation version of the p-code machine
* Joel McCrea, actor
* Joel E. McHale, an American actor and host
* Joel McIlroy, an Australian actor
* Joel McIver, a British author
* Joel McNeely, a music composer for movies and television
* Joel Meyerowitz, American photographer
* Joel David Moore, American actor
* Joel Moses, an Israel-born American computer scientist
* Joel Murray, American actor
* Joel N. Myers, founder, president and chairman of the board of AccuWeather, Inc.
* Joel Oppenheimer, an American poet
* Joel Osteen, American Author, Pastor, and Televangelist
* Joel Otto, a former American ice hockey player
* Joel Palmer, author of an immigrant guidebook, co-founder of Dayton, Oregon, an Indian Affairs administrator, and a politician
* Joel Parker, a politician, Governor of New Jersey
* Joel Peralta a relief pitcher on the Kansas City Royals of Major League
* Joel Piñeiro, American Baseball Player
* Joel Plaskett, a Canadian rock musician
* Joel Porter, an Australian football (soccer) player
* Joel Primack, a professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics
* Joel Przybilla, a professional basketball player in the NBA
* Joel Quarrington, Canadian bass player and soloist
* Joel Quenneville, a Canadian former defenceman and coach of the NHL's Colorado Avalanche
* Joel David Rifkin, an American serial killer
* Joel Roberts Poinsett, a physician, botanist and American statesman
* Joel Robinson, a fictional character in the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)
* Joel Rosenberg, a science fiction and fantasy author
* Joel C. Rosenberg, an author and a communications strategist
* Joel Roth, a prominent American rabbi in the Rabbinical Assembly
* Joel Salatin, an American farmer, lecturer, and author
* Joel Santana, a Brazilian manager and former football player
* Joel Selwood, an Australian Rules footballer
* Joel Schumacher, American director and producer
* Joel Shapiro, an American sculptor
* Joel Shepherd, an Australian science fiction author
* Joel Sherman, a top American Scrabble expert
* Joel Siegel, an American film critic
* Joel Silbersher, a musician from Melbourne, Australia
* Joel Silver, producer
* Joel Skinner, a former catcher in Major League Baseball and coach
* Joel Elias Spingarn, an American educator and literary critic
* Joel Spolsky, software engineer
* Joel Stebbins, an American astronomer who pioneered photoelectric photometry in astronomy
* Joel Stein, an American journalist
* Joel Steinberg, a former New York criminal defense attorney
* Joel Stelly, an American football player for the Chicago, IL Bears
* Joel Sternfeld, a photographer
* Joel Stransky, a former South African rugby union footballer
* Joel Stroetzel, guitarists from the Massachusetts metalcore band Killswitch Engage
* Joel Surnow, an American writer and producer
* Joel Teitelbaum, a prominent Hungarian Hasidic Rabbi and Talmudic scholar
* Joel Turner, a musician
* Joel Veitch, an English web animator and member of the B3ta collective
* Joel Walker Sweeney, a musician
* Joel Yanofsky, Canadian novelist and literary columnist
* Joel Youngblood, a retired Major League baseball player
* Joel Zifkin, a Canadian musician and songwriter from Montreal, QC
* Joel Martin Zumaya, a Major League Baseball relief pitcher
* Joel Zwick, an American director of movies, theatre, and television shows

ee also

* Kiryas Joel, New York

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