Volgograd Metrotram

Volgograd Metrotram

Infobox Public transit
name = Волгоградский метротрам
Volgograd Metrotram

imagesize = 280 px
locale = Volgograd, Russia
transit_type = Light rail
began_operation = 5 November 1984
system_length = km to mi|13.5|abbr=yes|precision=1|wiki=yes
lines = 1
stations = 18
ridership = 136,000
track_gauge = RailGauge|1520
operator = Metroelectrotrans
owner = Volgograd Municipality

The Volgograd Metrotram is a light rail system operating in Volgograd, Russia. It consists of 18 stations on one line, paralleling the Volga River from the northern suburbs of Volgograd to its downtown core for a total length of 13.5 kilometres. Most of the Metrotram line shares a surface-level right of way with a previously constructed railway line for 10.2 kilometres, in a manner similar to that of the south leg of the C-Train system in Calgary, for example; the three downtown stations, on the other hand, were built underground over a total length of 3.3 kilometres, meeting design standards consistent with existing Russian metro systems.

The Volgograd Metrotram was inaugurated on 5 November 1984, and presently serves 50 million passengers per year.


List of stations north to south:
* Traktornyy Zavod (Tractor Factory)
* Khlyebozavod (Bakery Works)
* Vodootstoy (Water-sediment)
* Bol’nitsa Il’icha (Ilich Hospital)
* Zavod "Barrikady" (Barrikady Factory)
* Tridsad' Pervaya Shkola (31st School)
* Stadion Monolit (Monolith Stadium)
* Zavod "Krasniy Oktyabr’" (Red October Steel Factory)
* Tridtsat' Devyataya Gvardeyskaya (39th Guards Rifle Division Street)
* Ploshchad’ Vosrozhdyeniya (Revival Square)
* Dvoryets Sporta (Sports Palace)
* Mamayev Kurgan (Mamayev Kurgan)
* Tsentral’nyy Stadion (Central Stadium)
* Tsentral’nyy Park Kul’tury i Otdykha (Central Rest and Cultural Park)
* Ploshchad’ Lenina (Lenin Square)
* Komsomol’skaya (Komsomol street)
* Pionyerskaya (Pioneers)
* Ploshchad’ Chekistov (Chekists Square)

Under construction:
* Profsoyuznaya (Labour Unions)
* Teatr Yunogo Zritel’ya (Theatre for Young Spectators)
* Yel’shanka

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* [http://urbanrail.net/eu/vol/volgograd.htm Urbanrail.net] — Volgograd metrotram
* [http://www.volgograd.ru/metrotram/en/ Volgograd metrotram 3D] — interactive Web3D model of metrotram
* [http://volg_st.chat.ru/ Volgograd Rapid Tram Underground] — photos of the metrotram (with texts in Russian)
* [http://volgograd.metro.ru/ Unofficial site] — site in Russian

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