Cherbourg School of Engineering

Cherbourg School of Engineering
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The Cherbourg Engineering School (in French : EIC - École d'Ingénieurs de Cherbourg) is a French engineering university funded in 1993.

It is situated in Cherbourg-Octeville.

The school is accredited by the "Commission des Titres" to deliver Engineering Degrees.

This school is now part of the ESIX Normandie.



The school graduate students in Production Engineering.

The school have a unique specificity in France: there are some classes about "Contamination control". The meaning of Contamination control is to manufacture products with specific constraints like in there is in microelectronic, food-processing, nuclear and pharmaceutical industry.

But the career prospects of the school are wider : aerospace, general mechanic, automobile industry, ...

International relations

The EIC organises each summer the European Summer University [1] which subject is "From Innovation to Industrial Production"

The school have agreements allowing students to attend semester(s) in foreign countries :


Site Universitaire
rue Louis Aragon
BP 78
50130 Cherbourg-Octeville

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